COGZ Print Preview

The Print Preview allows you to view your information before you print it. The preview screen contains many helpful features.

Print Preview Options

COGZ Print Preview Screen

  1. Zoom in or out to see more or less of the page.
  2. Change the layout to view more than one page at a time (see example below).
  3. Select which pages to print – start with all or none, then check the ones you want to print or skip.
  4. Enter a search term and you will be taken to a page with the term.
  5. Navigate directly to a page.
  6. Quickly move to the next page, previous page, first page or last page.
  7. Select a printer.
  8. Print, or select number of copies.
  9. Close the Print Preview without Printing.

Layout Options

Example of 6 page display shown below.

See More than one page at a time!

COGZ Multi-Page Print Preview



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