COGZ Maintenance Software Open File Troubleshooting

File Troubleshooting Open Files

Problem: Program does not open, or you get a message that the program is already running.

Resolution: Make sure COGZ is not open on any computer on your network.  The file must be hung up by something.  If you can not manipulate a file using Windows Explorer it means that the file is being held by something in your operating system. It could be your network, a hung program…virtually anything.  On the server try the NET FILE command at the Command Line to see what has the file open.  To determine what might be hanging the file up, you can go to the Start menu, Run and type in cmd as shown below (the example is not from a server).






Maintenance Software Net File Command

Once in the area, just type “net file” in the command line.  This will allow you to see what files are running that might be causing the problem.  You can then close out the file(s) knowing which ones are open.

If your problem is not discussed above, then follow the problem reporting information here.