Portable Scanner – HT330 Inventory Adjustments




System Defaults – Advanced Tab

Select Unitech HT330 under Portable Bar Code Scanner.


Portable Bar Code Menu

Download Scanner Data: Press this button to download the data.
Import Data for Review: Imports the data to the inventory adjustment system from the file created in the previous step.
Review Imported Data: This will bring you to the Scan Review List during the import process where you can process your scans to update your inventory counts.


Inventory Bar Code Adjustment Review List – Portable Menu 



This list allows you to review any inventory part scans that were incorrect or are missing information. Any inventory parts with problems will remain in the list until the issues have been resolved and processed or deleted from the list.


Adjust Inventory Bar Code Scanning

The Bar Code Module is an optional module. The portable bar code laser scanner is used to automate the process of issuing, receiving, and restocking your inventory parts. It is used with the Bar Code Module. The Portable Bar Code Reader installation process consists of the following:

Shut down your computer.

A) For the HT330 scanner, plug power supply into the USB cable. Plug the USB cable into a USB port and the other end into the scanner.

B) For the PSC/Datalogic Scanner, plug the bar code reader power supply into the serial cable, and attach to the laser scanner. Plug the black serial cable into COM port (1 or 2)

COGZ software must also be set up to recognize the COM port you have selected.

Port and scanner selection can be found on the Advanced Tab of the System Defaults Form


Using the Portable Bar Code Scanner to enter adjustment scanning counts*:

*Note: Your physical inventory and transaction (issue/receive/restock) data are two separate files. You can scan and download each file separately into COGZ.

The scanner is turned on using the 1/0 button. 


Do not press any buttons when on the main dashboard screen.

Swipe up for main COGZ menu

Do not press any buttons when on main dashboard screen!

Swipe up on the screen to get started.


Press the Splash A button to start the scanning application


You will have a choice of inventory adjustments: Physical Inventory, Issue, Receive, or Restock.

Press the appropriate button on the screen to make the desired inventory adjustments.


The above example screens show Inventory Issue. The Receive and Restock screens are similar. Follow the steps below to scan:

1. Press the large blue button on the keypad to scan the part number.

2. If you would like to enter the item by hand, press P1 to pull up the keyboard.

3. Scan the Location.


4. Enter the count of parts on hand using the keypad and press ENT. (Scanning the third barcode on the inventory tag scans a quantity of 1.)

10. To view your current entries go to List Scans as shown on the screen below. To delete a scan, select the item and follow the prompt.

5. You may also enter WO or Equipment Number for each entry.

6. You may also enter your Employee ID for each entry.

7. Repeat from 1 above until finished.

8. When finished and it is asking you to scan another item, press the back arrow at the top of the Add Item- Issue screen to exit.

When you are ready to transfer the data to COGZ, press the Transact button under Save to File.

Press Yes to save transaction scans to file.

Ensure that the Download indicates a location of Downloads > COGZ.

You will receive confirmation that the file has been created if the download is successful.

Portable Bar Code Menu

To download the adjustment data into COGZ: Start COGZ and select the Inventory menu, Adjust Inventory menu, and then Portable Bar Code menu. 


Connect the scanner to your workstation using the USB cable. Using FIle Manager, This PC, Verify the HT330 is visible and you can navigate to its files. If not, you will need to run StageGo and scan the USB Connection bar code.

Step 1 – Press the Download Scanner Data button. If you see Copying from Mobile Device Failed, click OK and follow instructions above to connect the USB port.

Step 2 – In COGZ, Press the Import Data for Review button.
This process imports the data into a COGZ list for final review before actually changing your inventory.

Step 3 – Press the Review and Process Imported Data button.
This process will change the inventory to reflect the new adjustment quantities.
See Inventory Bar Code Adjustment Review List – Portable Menu above for details.

After completing Step 3, make sure you clear the file in the laser scanner so your next adjustment scanning does not contain outdated information. From the Main- Actions swipe up on the screen. Press the Clear button to erase the Inventory Adjustment Transaction file in the Portable Scanner.