COGZ CMMS Frequently Asked Technical Questions

This page is provided to answer the questions most frequently asked by your company’s Information Technology (IT) staff.  While COGZ is extremely simple to setup and easy to operate, the following information is provided to respond to specific details of interest to IT personnel.

What are the System Requirements?

COGZ Maintenance Management Software will run on any computer running any current version of Windows.  Click for Detailed System Requirements.

What are the Server Requirements?

Our network installation does not require a back end database program or special services.  COGZ was written in Clarion and uses the reliable TopSpeed Database.  With the help of the optional Network Enabling Module, network installation is accomplished by simply creating space on your file server and creating shortcuts to the COGZ executable on the machines that you want to access the program.

Can I Access COGZ Data With Other Programs?

COGZ can integrate with virtually any other software program.  Each program requires a link built to meet your objectives for data communication. Using our optional COGZ CMMS Software ODBC Driver, the COGZ link can be developed by your in house software experts or we can develop it for you. The link to the other software will need to be developed using the same approach.

Citrix/Terminal Server Installation Information

COGZ runs well in a Citrix/Terminal Server environment.  For additional information please see:

CMMS Software