Frequently Asked Download Questions




What are the System Requirements?
COGZ Maintenance Management Software will run on any computer running any current version of Windows.  Click for Detailed System Requirements.
How long is my Evaluation?
The COGZ evaluation version expires after 30 days. If an extension is needed, it can be provided.
Can I use my own Data, will it be lost once I purchase?
You can enter your own data into the evaluation version and then continue to use once system is purchased (No data will be lost).
Is there a Data Entry Limit?
There are no preset limits for the amount of data entered into the system.
How long does it take to Download and Install?
COGZ EZ Downloads in about one minute on most high speed internet connections.  Installation then requires only a few minutes, depending on the speed of your local workstation.
Is the Evaluation Easily Removable?
If you want to remove the evaluation from your computer simply use the Windows uninstall feature.