What’s New? COGZ CMMS Software Updates

Below is an ongoing listing of changes implemented by version.

4.80000 Instructions Detailed for selecting Cascade Preventative Maintenance Task Library function
4.80000 Preventive Maintenance Generation Range and Deleted Work Order Information added to Log File
4.80000 Logging off announcement for CMMS Software Backup updated
4.80000 Preventive Maintenance Library Standard Tasks Form Title clarified
4.80000 Work Order Closing Updated to require Work Order selection
4.80000 Changed Hours to Meters throughout the CMMS Software
4.80000 Confirmation of Action Requested when canceling a Purchase Order
4.80000 Work Order Requests deleted for affected items when Deleting Equipment
4.80000 Equipment Preventative Maintenance Report Wizard Adjusted with Equipment Enhancement Module
4.80000 Fields added to Work Order History
4.80000 Updated On-line Help Link
4.80000 Added message to warn of improper use of Task time vs. Total Time when closing a work order
4.80000 Number of Locations available for Count Adjustment Increased with Inventory Enhancement Module
4.80000 Capability to search Maintenance Inventory by Cross Reference (Xref) added to Inventory List
4.80000 Technical Changes made and tested as required for COGZ CMMS to operate within Windows VISTA
4.80000 Evaluation Extension Options Enhanced
4.80000 Purchase Order Receiving Function Security Enforced
4.80000 COGZ CMMS Network Login Expired Message Clarified for Users
4.80000 Add Labor from Employee selection enhanced with Rate and Employee ID flow through
4.80000 COGZ CMMS Software Startup checking for proper XP Security Permissions reinforced
4.80000 File location for Purchase Order Logo Simplified
4.80000 New Tab added to Equipment List to Show Open Work Orders
4.80000 Explanation Message added to Quick Close of CMMS Work Order
4.80000 Modifying a work order within the Work Order Request Module simplified
4.80000 Work Order reminder Graph appearance improved
4.80000 Multiple instances of COGZ checked at startup to avoid problems
4.80000 Single User License message options clarified
4.80000 Add Preventative Maintenance Task Comments when closing Work Orders. Last comment can print on  new preventive maintenance Work Order
4.80000 Purchase Order Generating and Reporting options aligned with Enhancement Modules
4.80000 Work Order Headings Made Consistent with data on Equipment List
4.80000 Imported Data Changed to Upper Case to match Entered Data
4.80000 Standard Task Library Form Reformatted to Display more information
4.80000 Assigned To Select List Defaulted to Active Only
4.80000 Work Order Priority moved to Primary Work Order Form screen
4.80000 Work Order Period Ending Date changed to Scheduled/Preventative Maintenance Generated Up To Date
4.80000 Enhanced form checking on Log Completed Work
4.80000 Confirmation Message added to Work Order Close Add Labor form
4.80000 New CMMS Inventory History Accounting Report
4.80000 Set Default Printing to Preventive when Generating preventive maintenance Work Orders
4.80000 Ability Added to EMAIL Work Order Requests Directly into COGZ
4.80000 Ability Added to EMAIL New Work Orders to Directly to Assigned To
4.80000 Automatically Generate preventive maintenance Work Order feature added
4.80000 Consistency enhanced in Parts Entry Form
4.80000 Field Lengths Re-Formatted in Print Work Orders
4.80000 COGZ CMMS Network User List Updated to Show Additional information
4.80000 Closing Backup Form upon Exiting COGZ Simplified
4.80000 Preventative Maintenance Task Date Done Header description Updated
4.80000 Work Order Default Form Alignment Enhanced
4.80000 Web Based Work Order Request Web Page Template