What’s New? COGZ CMMS Software 4.80

Work Order With the addition of the Open Work Orders tab you can now see everything about your Equipment directly from the Equipment List. CMMS Software Open Work Orders Tab
Work Order Generate COGZ CMMS Software Preventive Maintenance Work Orders Automatically at the time and date you control.  Effortlessly email Work Orders to the Assigned To. CMMS Software Auto Generate
Work Order Keep your staff informed! Add Task Comments when closing Work Orders to document findings or set reminders to print on next Preventive Maintenance Work Order for that Task. COGZ CMMS Software Close Work Order
Print Work Order Print Work Order after Generating Preventive Maintenance Work Orders now defaults to Preventive Maintenance Only. CMMS Software Work Order Print
Email Work Order Update your staff in a timely fashion;  Email work orders to the “Assigned To” when a new Work Order is entered.  Save your time and downtime by not having to manually track staff down and deliver urgent new work orders. COGZ CMMS Software Work Order Email
Equipment It’s easier to get a complete picture of  the status of your Equipment when you can View History Task Comments in Preventive Maintenance Tasks or Work Order History on Equipment List. COGZ CMMS Software PM Work Order Task Comment History
Work Order Request Now all your Work Order Requests can be documented. Requestors can Email Work Order Requests directly into COGZ CMMS Software from anywhere in the world  – they no longer need local access to your network.  You can also be notified by email or simple text messaging, when a new Work Order Request has been received. CMMS Software Email Work Order Requests
Work Order Request Make documenting Work Order Requests even easier by letting users enter requests over the Internet directly into your COGZ CMMS Software from anywhere in the world. COGZ CMMS Software Work Order Request Online Form
Inventory Find hidden inventory when you search the Inventory List by Cross Reference (XRef).  Don’t spend money to buy stock items you already own! CMMS Software Inventory List Cross Reference
System Maintenance Network User List Updated to show additional information.  Know which users are in control of key new functions, and for which properties. CMMS Software Network User List
Import Data Save time when converting existing data to COGZ Data Bases.  COGZ now changes all imported data to upper case for data consistency. CMMS Software Import Data
Reports Keep track of your Inventory transactions.  The new Inventory Activity Report shows inventory transaction summary for selected time frame. CMMS Software Inventory Activity Report
Log File You can now Monitor COGZ user activity with the new, Enhanced Log File and Log File Viewer.  Make sure you are getting the most from your COGZ System.  CMMS Software Log File
Some features are only available when optional COGZ CMMS Software Modules are installed.

COGZ CMMS Version 4.80 Update Log