What’s New? COGZ CMMS Software 4.35

Lists Data List columns can be colored to emphasize important data.  CMMS Software Equipment List
List A new properties menu button makes list customization easier than ever.  CMMS Software Equipment List Properties Option
Lists New fields in “Xplore” enable additional customization of displayed data.  CMMS Software Format Listbox
Query Additional data fields extend the power of Query Wizard in Lists and Reports. CMMS Software Query Wizard
Label Label printer support added for “one label at a time” printers. CMMS Software Label Form
Preventive Maintenance PM Library Task changes optionally cascade to Equipment PM Tasks. CMMS Software Cascade Task Library
Work Order Request Work Order Comments now display on the Work Request Form.  CMMS Software Work Order Request Form
Work Order Request Work Order Request comments now print on the COGZ CMMS Software Work Order History Report. CMMS Software Work Order Request Report
Work Order Automatically issue parts assigned to a work order when the work order is closed. CMMS Software System Defaults Form Inventory Tab
Work Order Work Orders now print the work order type in the header section. CMMS Software Corrective Maintenance Work Order
Purchasing Purchase Order label print queue is now configurable. CMMS Software System Defaults Form Purchase Order Tab
Purchasing Purchase Order option allows printing the primary and/or secondary part numbers on Purchase Orders. CMMS Software System Defaults Tab Purchasing Tab
Purchasing Inventory last cost is now automatically updated during Purchase Order entry.
Purchasing Purchase Order configuration option making an equipment number required during PO entry. CMMS Software System Defaults Form
General Notes A User field was added to the General Note Form. CMMS Software General Note Form
General Notes General Note Report is now available. CMMS Software General Note Report
Utilities Backup data transmittable to technical support by email. CMMS Software Backup Database Files
Utilities Emailing COGZ support automatically adds version and serial number. CMMS Software Email Support
Utilities About help screen displays modules installed, serial number, and version. CMMS Software Help About Screen
Utilities COGZ CMMS Software Users Guide available online in PDF format. CMMS Software Online Manual
Network Limited Access users (Non Windows Administrator Accounts) are now supported by allowing the user’s custom settings to be stored in the windows documents folder.
Network Network enhancements including faster log on, automatic user log off during maintenance and removal of orphaned network users.
Some features are only available when COGZ CMMS Software Enhancement Modules are installed.