What’s New? COGZ CMMS Software 4.10

New Employee: The employee form now has a notes tab for tracking employee training, exams, certifications, etc…
New Equipment list can now display cost center and location.
New Inventory: Determines inventory items that are running low at a glance. Items whose quantity is less than the minimum required have the quantity in red on the Inventory List.
New Purchase Order: Specify a different tax rate for each line item on purchase orders for more accurate cost specification.
New Purchase Order: Now can display units of measure for more detailed purchase orders.
New Purchase Order: Tax on Purchase Order freight is now optional, allowing additional purchase order customization
New Purchase Order: Date closed field on the purchase order form allows you to see both the date the purchase order was issued and the date that the last items were received.
New Reports: Company name and date range appears on all reports easily identifying the parameters for which the report was run.
New System Security: Hide pay rate information for employees when closing work orders and logging completed work, allowing sensitive information to be hidden.
New System security: VIEW function allows viewing of form information, but does not allow the user to make changes.
New *System Security: Security auditing allows the administrator to monitor employee activity within COGZ. Access is available to each security check procedure in COGZ.
New System Security: Give users full access to the Inventory section of COGZ, but gives the option of denying the ability to manually change the inventory on hand quantity, increasing accuracy of the inventory record.
New *System Security: Run time security allows the administrator to control every aspect of security including add, change and delete of every database.
New Vendor: Specify remit to information for each vendor in addition to normal vendor address and information, reducing vendor payment errors.
New Vendor: Type field allows you to keep track of money spent by supplier type.
New Work Order: Now can require an entry in the requested field for better work order information and tracking.
Enhanced Backup: ZIP compatible backup system is easier to use than ever.
Enhanced Equipment: Increased equipment notes and safety fields allowing more detailed notes and safety instructions.
Enhanced Inventory: Non-Stock part information prints on receipts report enhancing historical analysis.
Enhanced Inventory: Parts issued field size increased allowing larger orders to be placed
Enhanced Inventory: Quantity field sized increased allowing lager inventory quantities, orders and issues.
Enhanced Network: Automatically releases improperly logged off users reducing the occurrence of orphaned users and wait time to log onto COGZ with a limited number of network users.
Enhanced Preventive Maintenance: Preventive Maintenance task description field size increase allows for additional PM detail.
Enhanced Work Order: Include more detailed information when closing work orders with the new larger size comment field. History now can have more detailed information for analysis.
Enhanced Work Order: Estimated time field increased allowing larger single task work orders.
* Requires Employee/Security Enhancement Module or COGZ CMMS Software.