What’s New? COGZ  CMMS Software 4.00

COGZ 4.0 incorporates new features to allow you to customize COGZ CMMS Software like never before. Numerous enhancements allow you to display, sort, and print your data with ease.  You can also easily export your data directly to Excel.  And you can back up your valuable data with the built-in ZIP compatible backup system.

Version 4.0 still contains all of the useful functions COGZ CMMS Software is known for, but now includes many new features that make managing your maintenance operation quicker and easier than ever.

New Lists – Resize and customize all lists in COGZ CMMS Software to fit your specific needs. Add and change data fields displayed in lists and print your
customized lists.
CMMS Software Equipment List
New List – Export data into Excel allowing display of data in charts or graphs. CMMS Software Xport Graph
New Backup – A built in backup and restore utility makes it easy for you to backup your valuable data. It also simplifies data recovery in the unfortunate case of a data loss. CMMS Software Backup Files
New Network – Elimination of net server program means that one computer does not have to remain on at all times to administer the COGZ system. CMMS Software No Longer Being Used
New Network – Browse Users function allows you to see what COGZ users are in the program at a given time. View their login and logout information along with any access which is denied to them. CMMS Software Network User List
New Network – Automatic release of any improperly logged out users reduces occurrence of orphaned users and reduces wait time to log onto COGZ with a limited number of network seats.
New Import/Export – A built in data import/export utility allows you to import data into COGZ from other files. You may also export your data into another type of file for use outside of the COGZ system. CMMS Software Equipment Import Options