What’s New? COGZ CMMS Software 3.52

New * Custom Report Writer is fully integrated into the COGZ CMMS Software menu system allowing creation of reports that any user can easily operate.
New Work Order Entry – Mile and Hour fields turn on/off as required reducing entry time to close work orders.
New Work Order Entry – Optionally turn off parts and additional labor entry reducing entry time to close work orders.
New Inventory History can now be archived.
New The date a work order was entered is now automatically recorded.
New A database utility is now available allowing you to make global search and replace to your data.
New Copy Equipment Preventative Maintenance Schedule to another Equipment allows copying of equipment components and CAD Drawings.
New Work Order History can be archived.
Improved Purchase orders display five times faster.
Improved The Inventory List now sorts and displays secondary part numbers.
Improved The Work Order List now sorts and displays priority codes.
Improved Preventive Maintenance generation options include, retaining open PM work orders, PM Schedule ahead generation and Equipment Number, Department, Line and Location selective generation.
Improved Purchase Order tax rate decimal places in increased to 6 places.
Improved Work Order Entry ten times faster.
Improved Purchase Order negative quantities allow to offset cancel orders.
Improved Purchase Order invoice number field added.
* Requires custom report writer option
Some features are not available in COGZ EZ CMMS Software.