What’s New? COGZ CMMS Software 3.50

New Labels are held in a print queue enabling you to easily print sheet labels.
New The COGZ CMMS Software Work Order History Cost Report enables you to report on the total cost of work orders including materials and labor.
New The Query Wizard allows you to easily create savable queries. You now have customizable access to your data.
New The Wide List format enables viewing details of your equipment, work orders, inventory and purchase orders at a glance just by scrolling through your data lists. As the data scrolls, details display under the parent list.
New The Purchase Order Cost Report totals cost associated with purchases by account.
Improved Reports’ data is now exportable to an ASCII file. The print preview screen contains a “T” button. Press to export your report to a file.
Improved The primary preventative maintenance employee prints on equipment list.
Improved Default employee is automatically entered during completion of PM work orders.
Improved Duplicate equipment component descriptions are allowed for times when a component has the same description, but a different part number.
Improved PM Task Library List displays all equipment using the library task. You can even edit the Equipment PM Tasks from the PM Task Library List
Improved Parts added to PM or Corrective Work Orders are automatically added to the Equipment Components List.
Improved Skill Form Security moved from the administration security door to the skill security door.
Improved Work Order Comments now can be added when closing work orders.
Improved Completed Purchase Orders can be reopened by using a supervisory security door.

Some features are not available in COGZ EZ CMMS Software.

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