What’s New? COGZ Fleet Maintenance Software 3.10

Multiple sort selections added to Vendor Lists.

Work Order History added to COGZ EZ Fleet Maintenance Software.
New Corrective Work Orders automatically create the first work order task.
Purchase order now prints entire inventory description.
Work Order History Report prints comments under the task description.
Work Order Requested By field has been moved to the “General TAB”.
Individual security access can now be assigned to Add, Change and Delete buttons on the Work Order List.
Negative time adjustments can be added as a Unplanned work orders to make corrective adjustments (8/22/96)
International language version now available, allowing end user translation.
Graphic files can now be printed from the graphic display screens.
All work orders (including Preventive Maintenance Tasks) are now assigned from the Employee Database.
The “Assigned To” field name that is used throughout the system (I.E. Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance Tasks, etc) is user modifiable in the User Defaults Form. The default name is Employee. We recommend using the name “Assign To”, if you are scheduling by shift or skill.
New style Incremental field completion (fills field in with related data as you type) has been added throughout COGZ.
Equipment taken out of service is displayed in RED in the Equipment List.
Employee Report now optionally prints hours worked per week, month and year to date.
Employee Performance Report was added.
Open Purchase Order Report optionally prints items already received.
Purchase Order now prints the accounting period in which it was created.
Additional labor can be added even if a work order is not fully completed.
Preventive maintenance work orders can be left open to add additional labor.
Work Order History List has a new Tab Screen that show tasks completed for this work order. Previously this could only be viewed from the Work Order History List.
Vendor Report optionally prints the accumulated vendor purchases.
Account/Budget Report optionally prints summary and detailed budget information.
Inventory prices now extend to 4 decimal places.
Preventive maintenance estimated times can automatically be changed to average times by running the “Preventive Maintenance Repeats and Averages Reset” in system maintenance.
International language version now available, allows end user translation to create any language version of COGZ.
All numeric fields now have Spin handles to make input easier and faster.
The default mode is now One Task. Once the work order header information has been entered, input a task time and press the ENTER KEY. That task will be completed and the next task time is highlighted and ready for time input. Just press the enter key to complete each task.
A check box is added giving the option to update the estimated preventive maintenance task times automatically when entering completed work orders.
The “Assign to Description” field in the User Defaults was added. This allows the system administrator to choose what to call the OLD SKILL field. The actual database that is used is the employee database and wording is changed throughout the program to reflect what description used here. This allows current users of COGZ to use the new employee based scheduling system without confusion.
The work order screen reflects the Employee based scheduling change.

Incremental field completion (fills field in with related data as you type) has been added throughout COGZ.

Changing an employee code or name will instantly change all preventive maintenance tasks assigned and scheduled for that employee.
Purchase order now prints entire inventory description.