COGZ CMMS Software is used in every type of maintenance operation including building, facility, food processing, manufacturing, transportation, public works, energy, and utilities. Our wide range of customers is a tribute to the flexibility, versatility, and ease of use of COGZ CMMS Software. Companies large and small all over the world use COGZ to manage their maintenance departments.

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Customer Testimonials – What COGZ Users are Saying

Laticrete International Inc
Doug McBride Manager, Maintenance System Reliability
I am very happy with COGZ CMMS. While I have experience with many different CMMS offerings, COGZ is the best by far. My team also thinks COGZ is the most intuitive and easy to use software they have ever worked with. They even ask why their other computer software can’t be as simple to use as COGZ!

Randy Peterson
Excellent program, and I’m looking forward to using it often!

Town of Fairfield WPCF
John Bodie Maintenance Manager
I think it is a fantastic policy to let people try the system without giving out too much personal information which would start a flood of sales calls! Most other CMMS providers want e-mails, phone and fax numbers and immediately start to put the pressure on!! Thank you for making it so easy and stress free!

PolyOne Corporation
Al Fischer Maintenance Supervisor
I want to thank customer service for their help in restoring my PM program after we had a network and file issue at our company. They worked with me over several days and I am now able to use the program as it is designed. Thank you!!

Allied Air Enterprises Inc
Dawn Peer
Maintenance Support/Purchasing
We have been very pleased with the COGZ CMMS Software. It is very easy to use but yet a powerful tool to have. It has been a real information gatherer for us. We utilize COGZ in every aspect of our plant maintenance. Thank you for a great product!

Absorption Corp
Christy Van Wagoner
Executive Assistant
The best Customer Support that I’ve ever encountered!

Ames True Temper
Keith Carichner Maintenance Manager
This is the second time I have used COGZ CMMS Software in a company. Both startups were smooth and simple. The software is easy to use, reasonably priced, and is adaptable to many different types of businesses. I am very pleased with COGZ and I feel that it is a solid investment.

Tucson Newspaper
Damien Nunez Maintenance Supervisor
COGZ has been a great tool. We’ve had the program for about 6-7 years and it has been a time saver. Our maintenance procedures change all the time and it is very simple to make all the changes needed within the program to keep up.

Shillington Box Company LLC
Tim Courtney General Manager
Among the 5 different major software providers that we use/license, COGZ takes the greatest steps to keep us informed and updated. This shows tremendous customer service and dedication!

J & M Mushroom Farms, Inc
Brian Forrestor Satellite Logistics
We had looked at many other maintenance systems out there and we have found COGZ to be a user friendly system at a much lower cost. Customer Support has always been there to help. I would not recommend any other Maintenance Managements Software.

Saint Mary’s Hall
Dom Smith
We have found the COGZ CMMS Software to be the most user friendly and accommodating maintenance software for the type of maintenance that we are initiating here at our campus. The system has easy to follow setup prompts and certainly keeps it simple. I would highly recommend COGZ to anyone starting their first CMMS or just in need of a good, sound work order system, for a fraction of the price. The system continues to aid in making our staff more efficient and improving our inventory control, saving us money.

Dale Deremer Manufacturing Engineer
After installing the program and easily importing my data from excel, I found COGZ cleared up a lot of the problems I had been experiencing with my overall maintenance operations. The work order system made it easy to ensure things were kept up to date, thus helping me pass my ISO 13485 Audit. Although I only had a few questions, COGZ Customer Service answered them quickly and pleasingly.

Davis & Henderson
Chaz Woody National Manager
We have been using COGZ Maintenance Management Software since 2002 and are very happy with it. The COGZ Support staff was very friendly and helpful when assisting us with the installation and setup of the program. They have continued to be just as friendly and helpful when support is needed. Our parts inventory and machine history have become easy to work with and better managed thanks to COGZ. We have even set up a “COGZ Kiosk” so the machine operators can easily enter their own work orders.

Greenwood Leflore Hospital
Tom Liddell Dir. Materials Control
We use COGZ primarily for asset inventory management and have found it to be especially economical and simple to use. There was very little training time needed. All in all, it is a very dependable maintenance management system.

Jon Gentry Maintenance Manager
We are very pleased with COGZ CMMS Software. It is very easy to use. Two of my employees who have had almost no computer experience were able to pick it up with no trouble and successfully enter work orders on a daily basis. Thank you for a very user friendly system.

Bosco’s Pizza
Brad Spence
I have used COGZ at two different bakeries over a time span of ten years. I feel that the software is easy to both setup and use. COGZ requires minimal computer skills and minimal hardware to run effectively. I have received excellent customer service as well.

Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta
Rick Murphy Director of SSD – ZP
I have been using COGZ for about 7 years. It is a great tool for tracking the preventive maintenance for three of my facilities. I do not know how I was able to keep up before I purchased this system.

Access Pipeline
Jim Anderson Maintenance Foreman
We have found COGZ Maintenance Management Software to be very user friendly and has effectively served all of our maintenance needs.

Chicot State Park
Bill Roberts District Manager
We have been using COGZ CMMS Software for over five years. It is a very simple and straight forward preventive maintenance program. Our safety officers love it because it tracks all of our preventive maintenance as well as repairs. I have recommended COGZ to other parks throughout the state and will continue to do so.

Elmers Products
Angela Southard
We have been using COGZ Maintenance Software for 5 years now. We use it to ensure crucial maintenance checks are performed and documented. Our modern times have created a true need to document many maintenance items for insurance and other requirements. Once you have your PM’s set up in COGZ you are good to go. The system remembers when all these items need to be done and kicks them out for you.

Robert G. White
You will find the COGZ-EZ very user friendly. The customer support is the best I have ever run across. Of all the preventive maintenance software, this one is the most flexible to format for your business. I highly recommend it.

Butterkrust Bakeries
John Lombardo
I have worked with three different systems and have tested close to a dozen more and decided on COGZ. The reason we chose COGZ is, it’s very intuitive and easy to operate. The time to train our people was minimized. We use COGZ for everything we do from work orders to inventory and utilize four workstations that run on our network.

Taylor Publishing
Stephanie Wofford
I have been using COGZ for about year and a half. The system works great for me. Any problems that I have ever had were user problems. The system has worked well for me.

Tech Data
George Blais National Maintenance Manager
COGZ is a good product. We have implemented it Corporate wide. The support is the best I have ever seen.

Raymond Mercieca
I would rate COGZ as a very effective program, which requires a low initial capital expense. It is easy to learn and use and the information is easily accessible and comprehensive. Their customer support is excellent.

Hunter Technology Corporation
Kevin Kavanaugh
I like the COGZ program. I have purchased a few other programs and find COGZ very easy to use.

The Buckle, Inc.
Kirby Kreutzer
I feel it is very user friendly and very self-explanatory.

GE Medical Systems Information Systems Group
Charlie D. Calder
For us, moving to COGZ was a great move! The package we had before COGZ was so complicated that many would not use it. We have it installed on NT server. We have five concurrent user licenses. Anyone (about 500 employees) can create a Work Order. We have 10 maintenance support individuals working three shifts, 5 days each week. Only the maintenance management Group can access restricted areas.

Sunnyland Refining Company, Inc.
Ralph Freda
I feel the COGZ product is very good. It is easy to learn and use and customer support is good.

Pacific Pride Baking Company
Francisco J Navarro
We have a bakery here and we have a lot of equipment to take care of. The program is a great help. The program is easy to use; the customer support is very good. We are highly satisfied with the program. You just have to keep updating the tasks made to let the program do its work.

Designer Fragrance Operations, Division of Cosmair
Dave Harrison
I started out with the COGZ EZ at first, then added some modules later. I had considered others and checked a few demos out. This system did not cost me a fortune and works well for my needs. I do not use the maintenance management parts inventory, just the work order, preventive maintenance, and equipment maintenance.

Simpsons Enterprises Inc.
Mike Markus
I have COGZ Software with the inventory package add on. As for my opinion of the software, for my applications it working great and I am very pleased with it ability to track parts, labor, etc. and I carry over 1000 parts for various equipment. As for the customer service, they have always done me right and I have no complaints. COGZ is very easy to use and the manuals written in good language as for setting up preventive maintenance. It generates PM’s on whatever cycles you determine for your particular application.

Customized Solutions LLC
Ken Dundon
I am very pleased with COGZ. I have it for my Maintenance Department in this co-packaging facility and it works terrific. For a minimum amount of money compared to the more commercialized versions it is also a great buy in my opinion. The technical support is terrific and they have resolved all my issues.

Coastal Products & Chemicals
Linda Miller Quality Control Specialist
My company has just started setting up the system for use. It has been very easy to set up so far. We were looking for a program that would be easy to use. I find that COGZ is very user friendly. Even if you do not have, very much experience in computers COGZ has pull down menus to help you make your selections. The tech support has been great so far, but we have not had to use them much yet. I would recommend this product for anyone who is looking for an easy to use program with great reports, etc.

Cameron Glass
Tom McClarty
We have been using COGZ for about one year. We did not have a maintenance management system before the implementation of COGZ. The program is easy to use and learn. I think you will find it quite capable of assisting you with your preventive maintenance system. We have not had any problems with COGZ. Their customer service has been very responsive to our questions. If there is a simple problem, they will correct it right away

Wonder Bread
Jack Fleming Chief Engineer
I strongly recommend the COGZ program; it is easy to use. The customer support is very good; you will feel like it is one on one.

Interstate Brands Knoxville
Jim Hazelwood
COGZ has done nothing but help up our entire operation. Our maintenance lost time has improved and by nature, it helps train employees. Since the program is set up with detailed instructions on each maintenance management functions, it makes the whole operation a training process. As far as support, it is impeccable. I have not had many problems at all, but when I had questions, they were quickly answered. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.

The Park Associates / NMCA
Mike Anderson Senior Projects Engineer
GREAT Software! I would like to extend my companies appreciation on a job well done. I have found that the COGZ package to be the best package available with an excellent support and sales department. In addition, look forward to a long working relationship with the COGZ team. A job well done!

Ernie Plant Maintenance Technician
This program is very user friendly and has features that have helped us in other parts of our daily work. Since we implemented the program, our downtime has decreased.

Teledyne Storm Products Inc
Ken Bugarewicz Facilities Manager
I would recommend the software to anyone.

East Balt of Denver
Alan F. Kildahl
Technical support has been good and I believe it is one of the easiest programs to implement. The best part is, as you build the system and develop more needs you can add the modules you want. I have used two other systems in the past and this one is by far the easiest.

Gerardo Solano
I would like to tell you that the customer support of this company is very prompt and courteous, as well as effective. We use this system to manage the maintenance in our manufacturing plant, we make parts for electrical motors so we have a lot of machines.

Harrietta State Fish Hatchery Christopher
J. Klage
It is very easy to use. For the price and the ability to build an effective maintenance management program COGZ does a great job.

Interstate Brands Corporation
Dennis Cornelius Plant Engineer
If the question is would I recommend it, the answer is yes.

Press Democrat
Bob Bisler
I looked at many different programs. We did not want anything too complicated as we have many users who are not very computer literate. So far, we have had no problems with it. It is very easy to learn if you have had any experience with other windows based programs. The cost is very reasonable. We have not had any reason to contact the support people yet so I cannot give you any info on that. We are using the inventory and equipment maintenance tracking software parts mostly.

Clean Caribbean & Americas Company
Erik DeMicco Technical Advisor
COGZ CMMS Software is very effective.