COGZ Webinars

Like us to show you around?  COGZ Offers Free, Regularly Scheduled 30 Minute Webinars to show you how easy it is to gain control of your maintenance operations.  Try our Free Evaluation of COGZ EZ CMMS.  Play with it for a while, use it for free during our trial period.

Join us and see how COGZ EZ , our foundation program, is a very powerful Maintenance Management Software System consisting of Equipment, Work Order, Preventive Maintenance, Inventory and Purchasing Modules.

COGZ Helps you Put an End to Costly Fire Drill Maintenance!

Life is better when things run Smoothly!  Your Savings go directly to the company’s Bottom Line.

COGZ EZ CMMS puts you in charge!  Preventive Maintenance keeps your company on track and maintenance related costs to a minimum.

Click on this link for COGZ CMMS Software Overview

CMMS Software CMMS Overview