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COGZ EZ is the foundation of COGZ CMMS Software. This powerful CMMS Software consists of the following products: Equipment, Work Order, Preventive Maintenance, Inventory, and Purchasing modules.

COGZ CMMS is available on COGZWeb, our cloud hosting platform, or on your local computer system. Enjoy the same features and ease of use either way!

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COGZ EZ focuses on Preventive Maintenance and Work Orders. Supporting features such as Inventory and Purchasing are also included. COGZ EZ, a CMMS Software package, is designed to “get the job done!”

Equipment  Assets

Preventive Maintenance Work Order Flow Diagram

Preventive Maintenance

Work Order List
Work Orders

Preventive Maintenance Software Inventory List

Inventory Control

Preventive Maintenance Software Work Order Reminder

Work Order Reminders

CMMS Software Purchase Order List

Purchasing Management

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Building on the COGZ EZ CMMS Products Foundation

Besides being powerful, exceptionally easy to use, and exceeding the needs of thousands of maintenance departments across the world, COGZ EZ CMMS Software is easily expandable. One of its most valuable features is the built in ability for COGZ EZ to grow with you. There is never a need to convert or re-enter data as you add new capabilities. Start out with the COGZ EZ foundation, there is no need to purchase features “just in case”. When you have established a definite need for an additional COGZ building block, it can be quickly and seamlessly added to your live, working software.

Work Order Request Management

CMMS Software Work Order Request Email Flow Diagram

Email Work Order Request and
Paperless Work Order

COGZ CMMS Software Downtime Form


workstation bar code scannersBar Code

COGZ CMMS Enterprise Software Location Selection

Enterprise Solutions

COGZ CMMS Software Network Enabling Module


COGZ CMMS Software CAD Drawings


COGZ CMMS Custom Translation Module Translation Form


CMMS Custom Report Writer

Custom Report Writer

COGZ CMMS Software ODBC Driver lets you access COGZ Data
Form for Emailing directly from COGZ CMMS

Report Delivery

COGZ CMMS Available Advanced Hosting GraphicWeb Based CMMS

Most customers find COGZ EZ is all they need to run efficient, cost saving Preventive Maintenance Software, but rest assured that if the need arises for additional capabilities, COGZ has a range of modular building blocks that add to the COGZ EZ firm foundation, allowing COGZ EZ to grow as your company grows.

Try our COGZ EZ free trial now to see for yourself how you and your company can benefit from the easy to use, feature rich COGZ EZ CMMS Software.

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