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Most customers find our software far surpasses their needs to run a high performance, efficient and cost saving CMMS Software.

Complete List of COGZ EZ Features

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COGZ EZ CMMS Software has the capability to grow with you – expanding as your requirements change.  COGZ CMMS Software has a wide range of optional modules which can be easily added.  Modules expand the functionality with no data conversion or data loss.

Work Order Request Module

Too much time spent managing your work requests?  Unsure of which request was made by which person, or if there really was a request?  Document and simplify the request process with the Work Order Request Module.  Users can quickly enter requests from their nearest computer while you monitor work order requests across the organization from your COGZ CMMS software workstation.  Users now have the tools to completely automate requests and view request status, eliminating disruptive phone calls and excessive email correspondence.  In addition, you can process each request as it comes into COGZ, quickly creating the necessary work order, or denying the request, as appropriate.
*System Requirements: Networked version of COGZ or COGZ EZ.

Downtime Module

Do you know what is causing your downtime?  Need to eliminate equipment failures?  With the Downtime Module you can quickly and efficiently determine the cause of your facility or equipment downtime; COGZ Downtime Module gives you the tools to find and document the subtle, and not so subtle, causes of downtime that might normally be overlooked.  Reducing unscheduled downtime is an effective way to make a positive contribution to the bottom line.  The positive effect on company profits travels two paths – the increase in overall productivity due to less downtime, as well as the decreased costs associated with maintaining an efficient and effective CMMS software.

Work Order Enhancement Module

Are all of your work orders being completed?  Do some of your employees have more work than others?  With the COGZ EZ Work Order Enhancement Module you can now monitor and add even more automation to your software for efficient and detailed work order management.  You have the tools to automatically assign parts to your work orders, keep track of your employees’ workload, as well as discover how much time was spent on your work orders.

Inventory Enhancement Module

Is your inventory completely unmanageable?  How would you know if you have too few or too many parts?  With the COGZ EZ Inventory Enhancement Module you can now efficiently maintain control of your physical inventory.  You have the tools to easily reorder parts, keep track of the part vendors, as well as know the cost to replace parts.

Email Module

Does it take too much time to get work to your off-site employees?  Don’t have time to wait for the (snail) mail to get a purchase order to your vendor?  With the Email Module you can quickly and efficiently eliminate time consuming mailing routines.  You now have the tools to completely automate and speed up your maintenance operation.

Custom/Translation Module

With the Custom/Translation Module you can efficiently modify the COGZ CMMS software language and/or nomenclature to reduce user error.  You now have the flexibility to customize features in COGZ for use in any country or with any maintenance nomenclature.

Equipment Enhancement Module

Does your labor force match your workload?  Does it take you too long to manage your preventive maintenance software?  With the COGZ EZ Equipment Enhancement Module you can now fine tune your system for efficient and detailed equipment management.  You have the tools to easily change preventive maintenance tasks, keep track of preventive maintenance task repeats, as well as project time required for planned maintenance.

Purchasing Enhancement Module

Are your parts coming in on time?  Do you need to review closed purchase orders?  With the COGZ EZ Purchasing Enhancement Module you can now fine tune your system for efficient and detailed purchasing management.  You have the tools to easily know your costs by account, modify old purchase orders, as well as know spending amounts with your vendors.

Bar Code Module

Do you really know what you have in stock?  Manual inventory counting taking up your time? Bar Coding is an essential tool in the challenging battle to maintaining an accurate inventory.  With the Bar Code Module you can quickly and efficiently manage your inventory.  You have the tools to easily automate your physical inventory process as well as accurately control your inventory parts room.
*System Requirements: COGZ Bundle or COGZ EZ.  COGZ EZ CMMS Software requires the Inventory Enhancement Module.

Employee Enhancement Module

Are you giving the right jobs to the right people?  Do you need enhanced security settings?  With the COGZ EZ Employee Enhancement Module you can now fine tune your system for efficient and detailed employee management.  You have the tools to easily customize your security settings, manage your employee workload, as well as review your estimates.

Cost Enhancement Module

Is maintaining your equipment costing you more than you think?  Do you know what equipment should be replaced for expense reasons?  With the COGZ EZ Cost Enhancement Module you can now obtain efficient and detailed cost information.  You have the tools to easily report your progress, plan your maintenance budget, and determine what equipment is the most expensive to maintain.

Report Writer Module

Do you need to create reports that are not available in COGZ CMMS software?  The Report Writer Module offers a wizard that allows you to create reports easily.  A complete programming language is available for creating complex reports.  To get the full benefits of the Report Writer Module there is a user manual with a tutorial.  An optional training course is also available, call us for details.

ODBC Data Driver

Are you an advanced PC user?  Do you need to access the data in COGZ?  Are you comfortable with the standard ODBC tools?  The ODBC Data Driver allows you to use popular productivity tools to connect to the database of your COGZ CMMS software.  This will enable you to get to your program data as well as allow COGZ to communicate with other programs such as Excel and Access.  The ODBC Data Driver would also enable you to use an existing ODBC Compatible Report Writer such as Crystal Reports to create custom reports in COGZ.

CAD Module

Are your employees able to find and view equipment drawings easily?  Are your drawings getting damaged during storage and handling?  With the CAD Module you can efficiently centralize your CAD drawings for your equipment.  The tools your staff needs to view drawings are available within COGZ CMMS software.
*System Requirements: COGZ Bundle or COGZ EZ.  COGZ EZ CMMS Software requires the Inventory Enhancement Module to attach drawings to your Inventory.

Network Enabling Module

Do you want to access your COGZ CMMS software from anywhere on your network?  The Network Enabling Module allows you to load COGZ on a server to be accessed on your company network.

User Licenses

Need others to be able to access COGZ CMMS software at the same time?  Additional User Licenses allow you to add users as you grow.  With the Network Enabling Module, COGZ can be loaded on any number of networked computers and accessed concurrently up to the number of users licensed (computers that will be logged into COGZ simultaneously).

Enterprise Edition

Do you need separate databases for your different departments?  Do you need to keep track of multiple sites?  With Multiple Enterprise Licenses you can quickly and efficiently organize your sites and switch between them at the click of a button.

SecureTrac Module

Need to Securely verify who closed a Work Order, who approved a Purchase Order, or who made changes to your data! Track user actions with the SecureTrac Module Audit Trail. Add additional Security Doors to fine tune Access for Authorized users.


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