Email Work Request and Paperless Work Order System

Your COGZ CMMS software has enabled you to move your maintenance department from firefighting to preventive maintenance mode.  You can now see what you’ve done and what you need to do.  It’s time to move to the next level of maintenance department automation.

The Email Work Request and Work Order System automatically sends work orders to the Assigned To Employee, allows users anywhere in the world to email work requests directly into COGZ, automatically notifies requesters of the status of their requests and work orders, and keeps your phone call and email interruptions to a minimum.

The Email Work Request and Work Order Notification System features of your COGZ CMMS software are enabled with the combination of the optional Email, Work Order Request, and Paperless Work Order Modules.

Email Work Order Requests and Notifications

COGZ CMMS Software Work Order Request Emailing

Work Order Request Module additions keep the Work Order Requester and the department manager in the loop. When combined with the COGZ CMMS software Email Module it automatically:

  • Enables Emailed Work Requests to go directly into COGZ from anywhere in the world!
  • Sends email to requester when a work order is created, completed, or when the status changes.
  • Sends email to department manager or scheduler when new requests are received.
  • Allows you to place Work Order Request Form on your company’s web site for staff convenience.
  • Allows you to add customized notes to enhance the standard email notification messages.

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Email Work Orders and Work Order Status Updates


The COGZ CMMS Paperless Work Order Module additions take the work out of notifying and distributing new work orders.  When combined with the Email Module it automatically:

  • Emails notifications to the Assigned To Employee when new work orders are created providing quick turn around of critical repairs as well as keeping them up to date on pending items.
  • Allows you to add a customized note to enhance the standard notification email message.
  • Emails a complete PDF copy of the new work order for online information or remote printing.
  • Allows updating of work order status to Done by email.

It’s easy to see how these COGZ CMMS Email Work Request and Paperless Work Order System options help simplify your maintenance operation.

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