COGZ CMMS Software Adds New Custom/Translation Module for Multi-Lingual System Configuration

The Custom/Translation Module is now available for the COGZ CMMS software.  With this added option to setup a separate language file, COGZ adds even more versatility to meet facility and international maintenance user needs.  COGZ Systems, LLC continues to provide new features to make preventive maintenance for multi-lingual environments as well as business specific nomenclature even more effortless.

Woodbury, CT, April 2, 2003 – Before the release of the Custom/Translation Module, users of COGZ CMMS Software did not have an option to create a separate language file for their multi-lingual users or department nomenclature.  Users would need to run the program in English only.

With the release of the Custom/Translation module, users now have a way to setup a specific language file that can be loaded upon program startup.  This language file can also be setup for program users to decide whether to load the file when starting the maintenance management system.  If the user does not wish to load the language file, the program will operate in English, the default system language setting.

Easily setup a specific language file for a company within COGZ CMMS Software with the Custom/Translation Module.  If something changes, simply adjust the Translation List with the new information. There is no need to update each user’s computer.

To learn more about the COGZ Custom/Translation Module, click here.

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