COGZ CMMS Software Adds New Properties/Multiple Database Module for Cost Savings of Multiple Sites

The Properties/Multiple Database Module is now available for the COGZ Maintenance Management Software. With this option to create separate databases within one program, COGZ becomes even more versatile and cost effective to meet user maintenance management needs. COGZ Systems, LLC continues to provide new features to make preventive maintenance, work order management, and inventory control even more effortless.

Woodbury, CT, May 22, 2004 – Before the release of the Properties/Multiple Database Module, users of COGZ maintenance management software would need to purchase a separate maintenance management system for each of their facilities or departments.  This was necessary if these other facilities needed to use the program, but with their own facility/department specific data. COGZ CMMS offers one database to enter company information. With several different departments needing their own information, problems could arise.

With the release of the Properties/Multiple Database module, users now have a more cost effective way to setup multiple program databases across their different facilities or departments.  Users can purchase one COGZ maintenance management software license so each facility or department can create and maintain their own database without purchasing a separate program license.

Corporate reviews of facility locations can be conducted with the Properties/Multiple Database Module.  Completed work can be analyzed by managers for efficient facility reporting. Ensure facilities are running smoothly with a survey of the specific database.  Easily know which facilities are performing according to corporate specifications.

Easily setup multiple databases within COGZ with the Properties/Multiple Database Module for each facility needing their own specific database.  Each one can be labeled accordingly to quickly identify the current open database.  Or simply select from a list of each created database to choose one to access or review.

Summer 2011: COGZ Systems, LLC updates Property/Database feature to Licensing Model.

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