COGZ Computerized Maintenance Management Online Knowledge Base Now Available

COGZ Computerized Maintenance Management knowledge base and complete program user manual can now be found online on the COGZ Systems, LLC website.  Using these new reference options, users now have the resources available to figure out answers to their application questions as well as learn tips on getting the most out of COGZ for their complete maintenance management operation.  COGZ Systems, LLC continues to provide new program resources and know-how to make preventative maintenance, work order management, and inventory control even more effortless.

Woodbury, CT, November 9, 2005 – With the addition of the online knowledge base and complete program user manual to the COGZ computerized maintenance management software website references, users now have a way of getting an enhanced understanding of the workings and many uses of COGZ work order software to benefit their entire maintenance management operation.

With a newly added link in the Help menu of COGZ directly to the online user manual, users can quickly access the online manual for a quick program reference.  The PDF file of the manual is also available in the Help menu for reference as well.  Each program update provides the latest program user manual for reference.  The online user manual link automatically goes to the latest version of the online manual on the COGZ website so users have the most complete and up-to-date information.

The online knowledge base offers users additional reference information in one location on the COGZ website simply devoted to additional program how-to information, tips, recommendations, and uses for your system.  This gives users a better understanding of how to use features in the program for overall maintenance improvement. With this new point of reference at user’s fingertips, they can easily and quickly determine the best options for their operation and improved maintenance operations.

To learn more about the COGZ CMMS online user manual click here

To learn more about the COGZ CMMS knowledge base click here

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