COGZ CMMS Adds New Preventive Maintenance Wizard to Easily Setup Preventive Maintenance Schedules

The Preventive Maintenance Wizard is now available for the COGZ CMMS.  With this feature to quickly setup equipment preventive maintenance schedules for work order generation, COGZ becomes even more versatile and cost effective to meet user maintenance management needs.  COGZ Systems, LLC continues to provide new features to make preventive maintenance, work order management, and inventory control even more effortless.

Woodbury, CT, October 28, 1999 – Before the Preventive Maintenance Wizard, users of COGZ CMMS would need to setup preventive maintenance tasks for similar equipment manually selecting from the standard task library or creating equipment specific tasks for each task needed for the equipment.  Task setup is necessary to create maintenance management work orders.

With the addition of the Preventive Maintenance Wizard feature, users now have a more effective way to setup multiple equipment tasks at one time using the created tasks from the standard task library.  Users can also create new equipment and then add tasks for even more time savings within a step of the preventive maintenance wizard process.

Efficiently setup multiple preventive maintenance tasks for equipment by using the Preventive Maintenance wizard. Select the tasks needed and they will automatically be added to the specific equipment.  Eliminate the need for manual task creation to organize a vast maintenance management system.

To learn more about the Preventive Maintenance Wizard, click here.

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