COGZ CMMS Overview

The COGZ CMMS Overview provides additional helpful information about your COGZ CMMS Software.

Getting Started

Work Order Requests Simplified
The COGZ One Click Toolbar
Start Now
Network Operations
Bar Coding For Inventory Accuracy
Test, Then Delete
The Powerful Lists – Coming Soon!
Custom Reporting With Lists
What Can a Query Do For You? – Coming Soon!
Report Choices – Coming Soon!

What to do first?

System Defaults
Why Coding Is So Important
Generate Preventive Maintenance Work Orders
The Preventive Maintenance (PM) System – Coming Soon!
PM Means Preventive Maintenance – Coming Soon!
Equipment Entry – Quick and Easy


Property Hints
Backing Up
You Are In Charge of Time Periods!
More on System Defaults – Coming Soon!
Doors for added Security Requirements
Where and Why To Use Security
When Things Go Wrong – File Manager Can Help – Coming Soon!
Time to Purge? – Coming Soon!
When to Import
When to Export – Coming Soon!


Employee Setup Options – Coming Soon!
Locations – Coming Soon!
How to get the most from your Standard Task Library
The invaluable Vendor List
More Important Defaults – Coming Soon!
User Options

Work Orders

Staying on top of Work Orders – Coming Soon!
Work Order Options – Coming Soon!
Work Order Reminder – The First Thing You See!
Scheduled vs. PM Work Orders
Timely Closing of Work Orders
To Quick Close, or Not to Quick Close? – Coming Soon!
When to use Log Completed Work Orders
How often should you Generate PM Work Orders
Did we mention Generate?
Using the Advanced Tab to Generate – Coming Soon!
Work Order History List – What are you Looking For? – Coming Soon!
Work Order Requests Options


Equipment List – Your window to Equipment Maintenance
Meters, Miles, Hours and Days
To Fix or Float?
Components can be very Useful! – Coming Soon!
What’s been going on? – Coming Soon!
PM Wizard – Use Me First!
Import Meter Readings – the Quick Way to Update – Coming Soon!

Inventory An Accurate Inventory is Key
Who was that Vendor?
Maintaining Inventory – Coming Soon!
Physical Inventory – Things to Consider – Coming Soon!
Bar Coding for Speed and Accuracy – Coming Soon!
Purchasing Purchase Requests – More Than a Purchase Order System
Automatic Purchase Order Generation – Coming Soon!
Reports Reporting Output Options
Selecting Reporting Criteria
Which Report is the one for you? – Coming Soon!
Printing Bar Code Labels – Coming Soon!
Using Query With Reports
Wizard Reports
Report Writer Reports – Coming Soon!

Note – Detailed information about all areas of COGZ can be found in the COGZ Manual available under HELP on the COGZ Menu Bar.