Maintenance Management with COGZ

Maintenance Management with COGZ provides practical insight into using COGZ CMMS Software to improve your maintenance operations.

Maintenance Problem Solving


Using Reports

Continued from Log Completed Work

Reports allow your maintenance department, as well as management personnel, to access the data collected within your COGZ CMMS Software.

Using Reports
Use the report system to identify and track problems. COGZ offers a variety of standard reports. Optional modules provide additional reporting capabilities. Periodically reviewing these reports and understanding what they are telling you can provide insight into what problems you need to prioritize.

Let’s take an example: You print and review the Work Order Summary Report. When viewing the report summary analysis, you notice a higher than usual quantity of unscheduled and breakdown hours. It exceeds the man hour baseline that you try to schedule by and has caused a reduction in completed Preventative Maintenance and Scheduled Work Orders. To react to this with the outlook we have already discussed, you must identify the source of the problem. Using this same report you can scroll through the work completed by Equipment. When you have reviewed the reports and identified the problem the planning begins for corrective action.

Our next segment will discuss how to use Cost and Equipment History Reports.

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