Maintenance Management with COGZ

Maintenance Management with COGZ provides practical insight into using COGZ CMMS Software to improve your maintenance operations.

Maintenance Problem Solving


Log Completed Work

Continued from Problems

CMMS Software captures maintenance work as it is performed, enabling an on-going history of equipment issues.

List of Problems
The COGZ Log Completed Work function: Calls to repair broken equipment require a quick response. Time constraints do not permit creation of a work order before the repair process begins. This is work that has not been planned, nor has it been scheduled. The breakdown itself, however, is an important event that needs to be documented. Call it a List of Problems. The COGZ Log Completed Work Form is available for this purpose. Entries are created in Work Order History, and the costs are tracked to the Equipment involved.

With this information, we now have a better picture, along with PM’s and Scheduled Work Orders, of the actual maintenance costs of the Equipment, including parts and labor. We also have a detailed list of all problems, by date, that we can review for trends and suggest updates to PM’s to avoid future problems.

Logging Equipment Downtime: To get even more information for problem analysis, Equipment downtime can be logged in up to six specific categories using the COGZ Downtime module.

Data Capture

This data must have a system to capture it for input into COGZ. There are a variety of ways to capture the data. Some of the popular ways to capture that data is:
• A Daily Log Sheet for each Maintenance Employee
• A Daily Log Book for all to use
• Direct input by the Maintenance mechanic

Using the Data
Whatever method you choose, make sure the needed field data is captured as well so input can be accurate. To use this data to solve problems, it requires a study of the trends. Repetitious patterns will become evident from this list and will show you the problems that you are reacting to the most. Keep in mind study of this history list gives you the more short term list of problems. Using the report system with the Cost and Equipment History will give you insight into problems over a longer time frame. Viewing the Downtime Report will reveal big picture problems such as parts shortages or lack of personnel. You can plan better for the future armed with this information.

Our next segment will discuss how to use Reports.

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