COGZ CMMS Software Tips Knowledge Base

The COGZ CMMS Software Knowledge Base is designed to increase the benefits you receive.  Additional program information, detailed explanations, feature usage recommendations, and tips are contained in the section.  Use these pages online and/or print them for your future reference.


Installation and Updates

Hardware and Software Requirements
Updating to a New Maintenance Software Version

Moving COGZ Moving to a New Computer
Moving to a New Server
Single-User License to Network-User License
General Delete the Test CMMS Software Database
Recommended Steps Prior to Software Data Entry
Importing Data into COGZ Preventive Maintenance Software
Enter Your Company Information and Preferences
Lists Customization
Print Preview
System Security
Security Doors
Runtime Security
Backing Up your COGZ Data

Properties/Multiple Database License Setup
Properties/Multiple Database Sharing
Custom/Translation Module
Report Writer Module
Report Writer (Legacy) Module
Downtime Module
Auto Preventive Maintenance Generation Setup
Email System Overview
Email Report Module Setup
Work Order Email Connection Setup
Work Order Email Custom Connection 
Paperless Work Order Email Activation
Work Order Request Email Activation
Work Order Request Module
Text Messaging Setup

COGZ CMMS Software Information

General Cost Tracking with Inventory or Purchasing
Drawing and Document Attachments Overview
Resetting Period to Date and Accounting Period
Setting Up Numerical Queries
Purge/Archive Program Data
Preventive Maintenance Work Orders 3 Simple Preventive Maintenance Generation Steps
Preventive Maintenance Work Order Generation Overview
Preventive Maintenance Work Order Task Setup
Preventive Maintenance: Fixed or Floating Task Type
Preventive Maintenance Work Order Task Scheduling
Preventive Maintenance Daily Work Order Task Setup
Preventive Maintenance Scheduling by Meter or Miles
Preventive Maintenance Work Order Printout Details
Non-Preventive Maintenance Work Orders Corrective Maintenance Work Orders Setup
Corrective Maintenance Work Orders Templates
Work Order Reminder Overview
Work Order Numbering Overview
Scheduled Maintenance Work Order Printout Details
Equipment Components
Meter Readings
Label Printing Label Printing Information
Miscellaneous Terminal Server Installation Considerations
COGZ on Tablets and Smartphones
Portable Communication Information

CMMS Software – Preventive Maintenance