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Work Order Request Module

The COGZ Computerized Maintenance Management Optional Work Order Request Module is designed to allow entry of work order requests over your network. The Work Order Request Module has two parts. One portion is used by the COGZ Computerized Maintenance Management end user and the other is designed to be used by network users exclusively for entry of work order requests.

Work Order Request Management List

The Work Order Request Management List is available in the Optional Work Order Request Module and allows users to view and manage work order requests that have been entered into the system. From the Work Order Request List you may add new, edit existing, and delete unneeded requests. Requests displayed on this list may easily be turned into Work Orders. The list provides a request number, date, requested by, description, and status of the request.

CMMS Work Order Request Management List

Work Order Request Form

Press the Add button to bring up the simplified Work Order Request Form. This is designed to be used by the requester to enter work order requests to the system.

CMMS Work Order Request Form


Requested by: Employee who issued the work order request.

Equipment No: This field can be used to select the equipment directly from the Equipment List for the request. This field may be left blank if the equipment is unknown.

Short Description: Brief description of the work requested.

Section: Section where this work order request was made. Can select from the Section List. This field is only available if the Unhide Section box is checked in the System Defaults Form, Advanced Tab.

Email: Email address of the work order requester.

Phone: Phone number of the work order requester.

Priority: Priority of this work order request. Can select from the Priority List.

Description: Detailed description of the work that needs to be performed.

Notification of new work requests is available. The Requests button on the COGZ Main Menu will be displayed with a yellow star if new unread requests are in the list. When all requests in the list have been read the icon returns to its default format.

CMMS New Work Order Request Icon Indicator

Pressing the edit button will allow you to edit work order requests already entered into the system. Additional information is displayed on this screen and is designed to allow for modification of existing work order requests by the COGZ end user.

CMMS Work Order Request Form

Request Tab, Work Order Request Form

The Request tab displays additional information relevant to the work order request itself.

Status: Six status types are available: Unread, Read, Assigned, Denied, Duplicate, and Completed.

Response: Notes regarding the work request from other employees.