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Work Order Request Application

The COGZ CMMS Work Order  Request Application is a completely separate, stand-alone, and optional application designed exclusively for entry of work order requests. To start the CMMS Work Order Request Application click the COGZ Work Order Request shortcut on your desktop that points to the COGZWOR.EXE file. See the Installation Section for setup information. The application allows any user to enter a work order request from across the network. Access to COGZ is limited to entry of work order requests only.

COGZ CMMS Work Order Request System Main Screen

Add Request

Press the Add Request button to bring up the simplified Work Order Request Form, which allows entry of work orders onto the work order list.

CMMS Work Order Request Form


View Request

Press the View Request Button to bring up the Work Order Request List. Work order requests already entered into the system may be viewed from this list and new work orders may be modified. However, no changes to work orders may be made from this screen.

CMMS Work Order Request List

Print Request

Allows specification of ranges and prints the Work Order Request Report. Additional information on the Work Order Request Report is available in the Reports section of this manual.

CMMS Work Order Request Report Menu