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Computerized Maintenance Management Software Information Page

Work Order Reminder

CMMS Work Order Reminder

The COGZ Maintenance Software Work Order Reminder window is designed to show a summary of work orders scheduled by date ranges. This reminder will pop up when the program starts if there are work orders scheduled between the date the window was last viewed and today’s date; this date range will show at the top of the list as the Last Review-Today line. Unscheduled Maintenance Software work orders are shown in the last line. Past due work orders are highlighted in red. Selecting a date range in the top list displays a list of work orders in that date range below if there are work orders scheduled within that range. This list is an alternative way to view the Computerized Maintenance Management Work Order List. If this list has been disabled from program start up, you can only open this list from the Work menu. You can enable this display to appear at program start-up, see the System Defaults Form in the Setup section of the manual for more information.

Change: Click this button to edit a highlighted work order.

Delete: Click this button to delete a highlighted work order.

Print: Click this button to print a highlighted work order.

Refresh: Click this button to refresh the list to update any changes in work order status. This list will not be updated with any changes unless this button is clicked.

Close: Click on this button to close this list.

The graph to the right of the display will give you a quick overview of your work orders depending on where they fall in the different date ranges. Use the graph as a tool to see the amount of work orders still left to be done in your system.