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Work Order History List

CMMS Work Order History List

The COGZ Facility Management Software Work Order History List allows you to review all work order history. It also provides access to the Work Order History Form if a record requires any changes. The Maintenance Scheduling Management Software locator fields available allow you to view this list in numerous sort options. This List provides the Date Done, Work Order Number, Equipment Number and Description, Employee, Task Number, and Type of Work Order.

Work Order History Form

CMMS Work Order History Form

This form provides more specific information than is available on the list. Although you are allowed to make changes on this form it is not usually advisable or necessary. This information is generated as work orders are completed and provides information on the history of work orders. Very rarely, if ever, will you need to change history.

WO No: The number of this work order.

Task No: The task sequence of this work order.


WO Type: There are eight types of work orders that can be created and completed at the same time. These six classifications allow for greater flexibility in costing and history

1.        Preventive

2.        Scheduled

3.        Unscheduled

4.        Breakdown

5.        Project

6.        Major

7.        Safety

8.        Emergency

9.        Rework

10.     Other (User for any purpose you choose)

Employee: The employee who completed this work order.

Rate of Pay: Pay rate of the employee.

Equipment: The number given to the equipment included on this work order.

Request No: The number of the work order request if available.

Supervisor: The supervisor responsible for this work.

Date Entered: The date the work order was entered.

Scheduled: The date the work order was scheduled.

Date Done: The date the work order was completed.

Date Started: The date the work order was started.

Hours Done: The meter reading upon completion of this work order.

Mile Done: The meter reading upon completion of this work order.

Actual Time: The actual time taken to complete this work order.

Breakdown Time: The time this equipment was out of service due to this work.

Estimated Time: The estimated time to complete this work order.

Description: The description of the work order.

Comment: Any comments that were entered pertaining to this work order.

Drawing/Document File: Link to a document containing information regarding the task for easy viewing and printing through the hyperlink.

Use “View” button to display in Windows program: Checking this box allows you to view your drawing using the Windows program that corresponds with that drawing or document.

Select OK to save changes; Cancel to return to the Work Order History List without saving your work.