Computerized Maintenance Management Information Page

Vendor List

CMMS Vendor List

The COGZ Computerized Maintenance Management Software Vendor List includes information on the Vendorís Code, Name, Contact Name, and primary Phone Number. It also accesses the Computerized Maintenance Management Vendor Form.

Vendor Form

CMMS Vendor Form

Vendor: The code that will identify this vendor. We suggest using the vendor's initials.

Name: The full name of this vendor.

Main Item: The main item that is purchased from this vendor. This may be very broad or very specific depending on your needs.

Type: The type field can be used to track other important information regarding vendors such as preferred and minority vendors.

Address: The street address used most frequently when dealing with this vendor.

Address 2: Any additional address information.

City/State/Province/Zip/Postal Code/Country/Region: Pertinent information to this vendor.


Phones/Contacts Tab, Vendor Form

Contact 1: The name of the main contact at this vendorís location.

Phone 1: The main phone number for this contact.

Other 1: Any other phone number that has been made available to you for ease in reaching your contact (i.e., a direct line to the salesman).

Fax: The fax number for this contact

Email: The email address for this contact

Web Address: Displays the web address of the vendor. Press the note icon to hyperlink to the vendorís Web site.

CMMS Web Site Link

Contact 2: An alternative contact if Contact 1 is not available.

Phone 2: The phone number for contact 2 if different from contact 1.

Other 2: Any other phone number that has been made available to you for ease in reaching your contact (i.e., a direct line to the salesman).


Ship/Terms Tab, Vendor Form

CMMS Ship/Terms Tab, Vendor Form

Discount: Discount offered by this vendor. This is a reference field only. No calculations are made.

FOB: Location where ownership of purchase takes place.

Terms: The terms of shipment.

Ship Via: The normal mode of transportation when receiving shipments from this vendor.


Purchases Tab, Vendor Form

CMMS Purchases Tab, Vendor Form

The Purchases section is part of the Optional Inventory Enhancement Module and displays cost information about the purchases from this vendor by providing figures for the Period to Date, Year to Date, Last Year to Date, and Life to Date. These totals are reset during period and year-end operations performed in the utilities section.


Remit Tab, Vendor Form

CMMS Remit Tab, Vendor Form

The Remit section can be used to store additional remit to information for the vendor in question.


Notes Tab, Vendor Form

CMMS Notes Tab, Vendor Form

Contains any special information about this vendor.