Facility Management Software Information Page

User Preferences Form

                                                The COGZ Facility Management Software User Preferences Form is available for you to setup your display preferences.

CMMS General Tab, User Preferences Form


General Tab, User Preferences Form

Use wide lists when using toolbar buttons: Check this box to access wide lists each time you use the buttons in the COGZ Facility Management Software toolbar to open lists.

Enable Customizing Size and Location of Lists: Check this box to retain the size and position of the procedure windows when they open.

Always Open Lists Maximized: Check this box to allow all program lists to open maximized.

Donít Display Work Order Reminder on Program Start: Check this box to disable the Work Order Reminder at program startup. This check box only appears if the User Override box is checked on the System Defaults under the Work Order tab by the System Administrator.


Translation Tab, User Preferences Form

CMMS Translation Tab, User Preferences Form

If the system administrator has enabled the option in COGZ Preventative Maintenance Software for the user to load the translation file then the user may specify whether to always load the translation file, never load the file, or to ask each time the program is opened. This option will be saved to the specific computer from which it is configured.

If the administrator has not selected the option the user will not be permitted to modify selections from this screen and the selection of the administrator will hold true for all systems using the program.