Preventative Maintenance Software Information Page

System Security

System Security provides access to security setup functions.

The System Security to the COGZ Preventative Maintenance Software is door based. Each major part of the system has a door that, if tagged for a user, allows the user full access to that part of the system.

System Defaults Form

The COGZ Preventative Maintenance Software Security System is disabled when COGZ is first installed. To turn on the security system, go to the System Defaults Form located under the Setup Menu.

CMMS System Defaults Form

The General tab of the System Defaults form is where you will specify whether or not users will need to log on every time they open the COGZ program. Placing a check in the Require Logon box will require you to enter a name and password each time you run the COGZ system. You will need to setup your system users before turning on the security for your program. With the Optional Employee Enhancement Module, you can also select to Activate Procedure Audit from the Advanced tab to enable more advanced security setting capabilities.

COGZ comes installed with three default system security users: ADMIN, DEMO, and MECH. If a login name and password is forgotten, these can be used to access the program. Simply type in any of these three names with no passwords and click OK to enter COGZ. If these have been deleted, you will need to have this reset in your system.


System Security User List

CMMS System Security User List

The User List contains the names of all of the security passwords setup on your system. It allows you to manage your userís access rights through the User Access Form. Only users on the list will have the ability to log on to the program. If you cannot log onto the COGZ program, ask your system administrator to add you to the user list.

System Security User Form

CMMS System Security User Form

Last Name: The name required when logging into the system.

First Name: This is an optional part of the login name.

Password: The password, if used, to gain access to the system.

By granting access to an area, the user is provided with access to that specific area. Granting the general category door gives the user the ability to view, add, modify, and delete items in that area of the program. Printing must be granted separately for each section of the program. View items give access to the list only for that door.

A User that has Administrative Access can modify the security system as well as User Default information, history purging, and resetting functions. Be sure you always have a Last Name and Password, if used, with an Administrative Door assigned since this is the only access that can add or change passwords.


Access Denied! Enter Manager Override: If you try to access an area of COGZ that you are not authorized for a screen will prompt you to Enter Manager Override.

CMMS Access Denied, Enter Manager Override Message

The system administrator will need to grant you permission to enter that area. This can be accomplished by entering the system administrator user name and password in the screen shown below. You will need to do this each time you would like to enter an area that you do not have access to.

CMMS Logon Override

System Security Runtime Form

Run Time Security is available in the Optional Employee Enhancement Module for COGZ EZ. The user must have administrative rights to set up run time security. Open up the area of the program that you would like to set up run time security for. Press Control F10 to bring up the Change Security screen.

CMMS System Security Runtime Form

Restrict Access to this Procedure: Check this box to restrict access to this procedure

Allow Manager Override: Check this box if you would like to allow entry of a manager override to grant access to this procedure

Restrict Insert Access: Check this box to restrict access to the Add button

Restrict Change Access: Check this box to restrict access to the Edit button

Restrict View Access: Check this box to restrict access to the list view

Restrict Delete Access: Check this box to restrict access to the delete button

System Security Door List

The System Security Door List displays a list of doors currently available for security setup in COGZ. This list is the same list that is displayed on the System Security User Form.

CMMS System Security Door List

System Security Door Form

Add Doors to the list using the System Security Door Form. Access this form by pressing the Add button on the Door List. Administrative access is required in order to add doors. Once the door has been added users will need to be granted access to the major door and the new door. When a new door is added to the list the door will also be displayed in the System Security User Form.

CMMS System Security Door Form