Preventive Maintenance Information Page

System Errors

There are two major types of errors, system errors and program errors. System errors are errors caused by your computer system and could be hardware or software based. Program errors are errors caused by incorrect operation of the program or algorithm errors in the program.


The following errors indicate a problem with your COGZ Preventive Maintenance system.

Disk Full: Your hard disk is full. Make space on disk by removing unused programs or purging old history files. See History located in the System Maintenance section of the manual for purging information.

Abort, Retry, Fail: This error is caused by the system preceded by a description of what type of error it is. Some common causes are a problem with your disk drive and printer not ready or out of paper.

Referential Integrity Delete Error: This error is caused when a user attempts to delete a record that is referenced somewhere else in the program. See the Deleting Data Manually instructions, located in the Getting Started section, for a more detailed description of this error.


The following errors indicate a problem with the program operation.

Key file must be rebuilt: Files have become damaged, normally caused by a power failure or shutting off the computer during a program operation.

Your machineís date has a problem!: Your computer has a problem with its date. Check the systemís date under the System Maintenance Section, Check System Date and Time. If the date is incorrect you will need to change it. Do so through the Date/Time Properties selection on your computerís Control Panel.


Technical Messages:

File Creation Error: Caused by not having file creation or deletion rights on your program. This error can also be caused by the system security of your version of Windows. This internal problem needs to be addressed by your in-house System Administrator.

UPG Access Denied Error 5: Caused by not having total access to a networked drive. Full creation and deletion rights are needed for the folder COGZ is installed in.

TPSBT.CPP: Your machine has a corrupt data file. This error will be followed by a description of the file containing the problem. TPS.CPP: Your machine has a corrupt data file. For information, see the File Manager section of this manual.


Operation Messages:

Access denied: Multiple users trying to access a single user program or a user on a network trying to access the system when an operation is running that restricts any other access (such as PM new work order cycle).

Login Access Denied: An error message denying a user access rights needs to be addressed with your in-house COGZ System Administrator. The security settings need to be checked to make sure this particular user has not been denied access by the System Administrator.

No Network Access Rights: User who is trying to install COGZ on the network does not have the rights required to do so. COGZ requires full read, write, creation, and deletion abilities.

Changed by another station: In a multi-user system if a user edits a record at the same time another user is editing the same record this error will be posted. The user that receives the message will have to re edit their information.

Created duplicate key: When you attempt to enter data that is not allowed in duplicate, this error is posted.

Reporting errors

If you receive an error while working in COGZ, write down all of the information on the error screens or print it using the print screen key to copy to the Windows clipboard and print.