Work Order Software Information Page

Requester List

CMMS Requester List

The COGZ Work Order Software Requester  List displays Requester Names, Emails, Phone numbers, and Employee information. It also provides access to the Work Order Software Requester Form.

Requester Form

CMMS Requester Form

Employee Lookup: Use the drop-down menu to select from the Employee/Assigned To List.

Name: The name of the employee.

Email: The email address of the employee

Phone: The home phone number of the employee.

Note: Any notes associated with this employee requester.

Inactive: When this box is checked, the requester will be marked as inactive and will not show up on the Requester List unless the Show All box is checked. If this is the case, any requester will be shown in red. Inactive Requesters will not show up on the Requester Select List, this means that you will not be able to assign a request to requesters marked as inactive.