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Report Writer Reports

Any reports not covered in this manual can be created with our COGZ Preventive Maintenance Optional Report Writer Module. This feature allows you to write your own custom reports and fully integrate them with your COGZ system. Reports that you create will be saved and can be accessed from the Report Writer List.

Report Writer Reports

The COGZ Preventive Maintenance Report Writer Reports list contains various reports developed using the Optional Report Writer Module. Reports shown in the list are available for your use. Any COGZ user may use the Report Writer Reports displayed; however, you will not be permitted to add new reports or modify existing reports unless you have purchased the Report Writer Module.

CMMS Report Writer Reports

The following is a brief description of the reports included with COGZ:

Employee by Shift: Displays all employees sorted by shift.

Equipment by Description: Displays all equipment sorted by its description.

Equipment by Line: Displays all equipment sorted by line.

Equipment List: Displays your equipment list as it is shown in COGZ.

Inventory by Description: Displays all parts in the inventory list sorted by description.


Receiver Account Report: Displays part numbers, description, date, price, number received, and total cost for each purchase order received. This information is sorted by account. Total costs for each account are shown along with the grand total for all accounts shown.

CMMS Received by Account Report


Receiver Report: Prints account, part number, description, date, price, number received, and total cost for each purchase order received by the specified receiver. The total cost of items received is shown at the bottom of the report.

CMMS Receiver Report


Report Writer Form

CMMS Report Writer Form

By saving this screen, a new record will be added to the Report Writer Reports List.

Report Label: Label for the report taken from the Report Library.

Report Library: Allows you to rename reports that you have created using the Optional Report Writer Module. We recommend using “YOURNAME.TXR” as the name for your report library. This will avoid overwriting of existing reports when you receive updates.

Description: A brief description of what is included in the report.

Copies: The number of copies to be printed.

Select Printer Before Printing: Allows selection of a different printer before the report is printed.

Password: The password on the report (if applicable).


Report Writer Module

The Optional Report Writer Module is fully integrated into the COGZ menu system allowing you to create your own custom reports and integrate them into the menu structure so that any member of your staff can easily run them. The List displays the existing Reports by Report Label and has a brief description of the report. All of these reports are COGZW.TXR files.

Caution: The Report Label must be ONE word or the report will not print.

The reports included with COGZ and displayed in the Report Writer List are located in the COGZW.TXR file.

To create your own reports or modify ours you must purchase the Optional Report Writer Module. For additional information on the Report Writer Module, please call COGZ Systems at 203-263-7882.