Facility Maintenance Software Information Page


You must register your COGZ  Facility Maintenance Software in order to receive technical support. Registration consists of filling out the information requested on the form and entering your initial registration codes during installation. Find your registration form in the inside cover of your COGZ user's manual. On your registration form you will find your serial number and initial registration codes. You will be prompted to enter the codes and serial number during the installation process. You must enter the codes within 30 days.

CMMS Initial Registration Code Entry Screen

If you by-pass the registration screen your program will run trial mode. You will need to call tech support to remedy this situation.


Network Error Messages

Access Denied: Occurs when a network system is not properly configured. Be sure that you have read, write, and create network access rights.

Access is denied to this machine: The COGZ Facility Maintenance Software system administrator has denied access to this computer. Contact your in-house system administrator to regain access.

NT Lock: Opportunistic Locking is turned on by default by your NT server. It must be disabled to avoid this error. Get the required keys by searching on the Microsoft Web Site. No Network Access Rights: User who is trying to install COGZ on the server does not have the rights required to do so. COGZ requires full read, right, creation, and deletion abilities.

This machine does not have a Machine Registration Code and the network has not been updated in an acceptable time period: A user has not logged into the network in a time period greater than 15 days and has not received a valid Machine Registration Code. Call COGZ Systems for a new Machine Registration Code.

Too many users are logged into the network: The maximum number of users is logged onto COGZ. Any additional users will exceed the number of users licensed. If you would like to increase the number of users you are licensed for please contact COGZ Systems for additional information.


Deleting Test Data

COGZ is supplied with test data to allow trial running of COGZ before you start entering your data. The PM Task Library and the Note Library are not deleted to allow you to use them with your new data. By following the instructions below you will be able to delete the test data.

Caution: Deleted data is not recoverable! Administrative Security access is required to delete the test data.

Select the File menu and choose the System Maintenance option, select the Reset Period Yearly option and Start New COGZ System.

CMMS Start New COGZ System

The following screen will appear and prompt you for the password. The password is DELETECOGZDATA.

CMMS Start New COGZ Database Window

CMMS Delete Data Screen

Select Yes to delete all data; press No to cancel.


Error Messages

COGZ will not allow deleting of data that is referenced to data located in other parts of the program. If you attempt to delete these types of items, a Referential Integrity Delete Error will occur.

CMMS Referential Integrity Delete Error Message

The above error message gives you the code required to determine the type of record that it is referenced. In this case the record is referenced from the file Ppr_std. This is the code that you will need to find the location of the record. Once located, it must be deleted before the desired record can be deleted.


The following table shows the error code that will be displayed on your screen and the type of file to which the record is linked.




Equipment Parts of Components




Purchase Order Header


Purchase Order Detail


Preventive Maintenance Procedures


Preventive Maintenance Task Library


Preventive Maintenance Task Parts


Work Order Header


Work Order History


Work Order Parts

A more complete list of this type is available in the System Errors section of the Appendix in this manual.


The following is an example of how to delete an employee that is linked to a PM Task Standard Library procedure.

CMMS Referential Integrity Delete Error Message

The error message tells you that the record is referenced from the Ppr_std file. As shown in the above table, this means that this Employee is associated with a particular task in the PM Standard Task Library List. The employee cannot be deleted until the PM Standard Task Library (Ppr_std) that references it is deleted.


Find the PM task this employee is associated with in the PM Standard Task Library List.

CMMS Preventive Maintenance Standard Task Library List

Delete the records in this list that pertain to the specific employee or change the employee for the tasks. Now you will be able to delete the Employee.


If, when you attempt to delete employees, you decide that you do not want to delete the referenced record you may add a Z in front of the employee code to move it to the bottom of the list. An example of this is illustrated below.

CMMS Employee/Assigned To List

Logon Screen

CMMS Logon Screen

The logon screen is used to identify the user and control access to COGZ. There is a feature that will activate and deactivate the Logon Screen in the System Defaults Form, which is located under the Setup pull down menu. See the System Security description located in the File section of this manual for further details on how to operate this feature.

The initial full access password provided with COGZ is Username: Demo.

The password system provides Door security. Each section of COGZ is assigned a different door. You allow access to a section of COGZ by tagging that section's Door.


Main Menu


COGZ is divided into sections as shown by the pull down menu:

File: The File Menu provides access to all functions of system setup including purges, resets, and access to COGZ optional modules.

Edit: The standard Windows edit menu.

Setup: This is where the support databases are located.

Work: The Work Order Menu provides access to the Work Order system.

Equipment: The Equipment Menu provides access to the Equipment/PM system.

Inventory: The Inventory Menu provides access to the Inventory system.

Purchase: The Purchasing Menu provides access to the Purchasing system:

Report: All reports are located here.

Window: The standard window control menu.

Help: Help system access menu. A link to the online user manual can be found here. The Help/About menu will show the version information, serial number, and what modules are installed in the program.



The Toolbar provides quick access to commonly used function in COGZ. The COGZ Toolbar contains the following buttons.

Clear: Closes open Windows to clear the desktop.

WOs: Provides quick access to the Work Order List.

Equipment: Provides quick access to the Equipment List.

Inventory: Provides quick access to the Inventory List.

PO's: Provides quick access to the Purchase Order List.

Vendor: Provides quick access to the Vendor List.

Notes: Provides quick access to the General Note List.

Requests: Provides quick access to the Work Order Request system, available only in the Optional Work Order Request Module.