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Receive Purchase Orders

CMMS Receive Purchase Orders

COGZ Fleet Maintenance Software Receive Purchase Orders is used to enter parts into the inventory. When a part is received the quantity is adjusted in the Fleet Maintenance Software inventory, the vendor history is updated, and the inventory activity is updated.

Received Date: The date the part was received.

Received By: The initials or code of the employee that received the parts.

PO Number: Enter the Purchase Order number here.


Press the Receive Button to place the cursor in the 1st quantity field on the list or you can use the mouse and double click. Enter the quantity received and use the down arrow keys to enter each received quantity. You can also use the mouse to select each field where you wish to enter receipts. If cost or the default location must be changed, use the TAB key or mouse to select the field to be changed. The locations received to must be one of the valid inventory locations that are displayed in the top right hand corner of this form.

When you are finished entering the receipt quantities, press the Process Receipts Button to update actual quantities in inventory. You can receive multiple times on the same PO as long as you do not mark the Purchase Order as complete.

See the Inventory History List to display the history of purchase orders received.