CMMS Information Page


The COGZ CMMS Properties/Multiple Database Module is an optional module available. It allows the user to access several separate databases from one COGZ program.

Select Property: Opens the Property list, from which you can select which property you would like to open, add new properties, and modify existing properties.

Select Default Property: Automatically selects and opens the default property. If the default property is already open you will not be permitted to select this function. The default property is the one that is located in the same directory as the COGZ program files.

Property List

CMMS Property List

The CMMS Property List is where you may view all of the properties currently available in your COGZ system. Displayed in the Property list are the Property Name and the corresponding File Path. This screen can be accessed through the Select Property function listed under the File menu. You will not be able to select a property and open that database in your COGZ system. In order to change the current property you must use the select property function.

Property Form

CMMS Property Form

By selecting the add function on the property list you may add a new property record. You will be required to specify both the property name and the file path. You may also change the path of an existing property in the same manner by pressing the change button.


Use Property Specific Translation File: This feature is available with the Optional Custom/Translation Module. Check this box if you need a separate translation for each individual property of your system. For information on making Translation changes, please see the System Defaults Form, Translation tab information in the Setup section.

When you create a new property, certain files need to be added to the new property directory in your COGZ folder. This message will appear when this needs to happen so they can automatically be added to your new property.

CMMS Property Files Required Message

Backup: When backing up data from different properties you must also backup all data files located in the default program directory.


Report Writer Users:

Report Writer files must be handled differently with installation of the Optional Properties/Multiple Database Module. Report Writer files include all files that end with the extension TXR. TXR files in the default directory are copied to the property directory if they have a later date. If the property directory file has a later date, then the user is warned and is given an option to copy the files.

All Report Writer reports must be developed in the default program directory. All properties share reports developed with the optional report writer.

Path Error Message

When you move COGZ to a new server or something has changed with the location of your program, your property file paths need to be updated and adjusted as well to be sure you can still gain access to them. If you know something has changed with your program and you are getting a Path Error message when attempting to select a particular property, the information below should be able to help you resolve your situation.

When you select a property from your Property List to open and the message below appears, your property folder/location has not been updated with the new information. Simply select No and then highlight and change your particular property to fix the file path and save the changes. This should enable you to get into your other property.

CMMS Properties Path Error Message

This message might generate when you select Yes to the previous screen. If so, go back into your Property List and change the property file path to correct any problems.

CMMS Property Path Not Created Message