Preventive Maintenance Software Information Page


Facility Maintenance Software Information Page

Preventive Maintenance Overview

CMMS Preventive Maintenance Overview


Facility maintenance software manages your maintenance operation with ease.

Equipment List, Preventive Maintenance Tasks Tab: Shows the Preventive Maintenance Tasks that are repetitively scheduled for the piece of equipment highlighted in the Equipment List. When Work Orders are generated, this list will be examined to determine which PM Tasks to schedule.





Generate PM Work Orders: This process creates the actual PM Work Orders by searching the Equipment/PM task database and determining which PM's are due for the period you have selected. You will be prompted for a date to create PM work orders for. The date suggested is a date calculated from the last date a cycle was run and the cycle interval that you have chosen in the System Defaults Form. This date is always a “future date” for which work will be scheduled. I.e., you want to schedule up to and including one week ahead.




Work Order List: Once the cycle has been completed you can go into the Work Order List and examine the newly created PM Work Orders. Next, print the PM Work Orders using the Print Work Orders procedure found in the Reports section, or print right from the Generate PM’s screen. Individual Work Orders can be printed from the Work Order List.



Close Completed Work Orders: The final step in the process is to Close Completed Work Orders. Once the Work Orders are issued and completed they should be closed. This will also update the Last Date Done field in the PM Tasks Database. COGZ allows partial Work Order completion. This powerful feature allows you to let the computer reschedule any uncompleted tasks, so you can concentrate on more important things.