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Maintenance PM Software Information Page

COGZ Preventive Maintenance Standard Task Library List

Preventive Maintenance Standard Task Library List

The COGZ Preventive Maintenance Standard Tasks List displays the Task, Type, Description, and Frequency in days and the Skill Required for all of the standard tasks. It also provides access to the Facility Maintenance Software PM Standard Tasks Form used to update these tasks.

Maintenance PM software makes maintenance easy.

Standard Tasks are used to reduce typing and increase consistency for tasks that are the same on different pieces of equipment.

The Equipment Used On section displays the Equipment Number and a Description of the particular piece of equipment that uses the highlighted task.

Cascade Task Library: The Cascade Task Library feature is available with the Optional Equipment Enhancement Module for COGZ EZ. The Cascade Task Library menu in the Standard Task Library will assign detail values from the highlighted material in the Task Library to ALL related Equipment preventive maintenance tasks that would normally be unique to each piece of equipment.

Preventive Maintenance Cascade Task Library


PM Standard Task Library Form

Preventive Maintenance Standard Task Library Form

PM Library Tasks allow you to reduce your typing and increase consistency when creating an equipment preventive maintenance task.  By entering a Standard Code on a preventive maintenance task all of the previously created information is automatically entered for you.  It also allows you to make a procedure change throughout your system.  Example: The preventive maintenance task says to lubricate a bearing with lubricant #2 and at a later date you decide to change your lubricant.  When using a Standard Procedure Code you only need to change the standard procedure description to reflect the new lubricant.  This change will be reflected on all preventive maintenance tasks that have this code.  The description is the only field that will change throughout the system.  All other fields in the standard task are used only to reduce your typing input during setup of the preventive maintenance system.

Standard Task: The code used to access this preventive maintenance standard task.

Type: This text field is available for you to enter information to group your tasks as they appear on the PM Task Library List.

Description: The description of the task to be performed.

The following fields are used mainly when creating new preventive maintenance tasks.  They allow you to create standard information that will be inserted automatically into a preventive maintenance schedule that uses this PM Library Task. The above description will change in all preventive maintenance tasks that use this PM Library Task whenever the description is changed. The following fields are inserted automatically when creating a new PM task and do not change after a PM has been created. To make changes to these fields, refer back to the PM Standard Task Library List.

General Tab, PM Standard Task Library Form

Assigned To: Employee to which the task has been assigned.

Frequency Days: The frequency in days that this task will be performed.

Frequency Hours: The frequency in hours that this task will be performed.

Frequency Miles: The frequency in miles that this task will be performed.

Estimated Completion Time: The estimated time to complete this task.

Down Time Required: The downtime needed to perform this task.


Note/Drawing/Document Tab, PM Standard Task Library Form

 Note/Drawing/Document Tab, Preventive Maintenance Standard Task Library Form

Note: Contains a note to be performed with this task.

Drawing/Document File: Link to a document or drawing containing information regarding the task for easy viewing and printing through the hyperlink.

Use “View” button to display in Windows program: Check this box to use your Windows program view feature instead of the COGZ default view.