Vehicle Maintenance Software Information Page

COGZ Vehicle Maintenance Software Physical Inventory Menu

The physical inventory is part of the COGZ Vehicle Maintenance Software Optional Inventory Enhancement Module and is used to ensure accurate stock levels in your storerooms. We recommend that you use this system along with the inventory tag system to ensure your inventory accuracy. (See inventory labels for more information).

Print Count Sheets: Selects the location of the inventory items that you want to physically count. You are prompted to fill in a range of locations from which to select.

Enter Count Sheets: Selecting this option provides access to the Physical Inventory Entry Form where you can enter data to update the counted inventory items.

Variance Report: Reports on the variances between the inventory levels before and after counting.

Physical Inventory Count Sheet Selection

Vehicle Maintenance Software Physical Inventory Count Sheet Selection

The Vehicle Maintenance Software Physical Inventory Count Sheet Selection is used to select the inventory that will be physically counted. Count sheets will then be printed to use during the inventory count.

From: Start selection from this location.

To: Stop selection at this location.


Physical Inventory Bar Code Review List

Vehicle Maintenance Software Physical Inventory Bar Code Review List

The Physical Inventory Bar Code Review List is used to update the inventory quantities from the count sheets that you printed from the Physical Inventory Count Sheet Selection menu. Adjustments will be allowed only to the items that had been selected to count. Each inventory line item is preceded on the left with a line number. You may begin entry on any line number. Physical Inventory count sheets must be printed before you can start count entry; otherwise, you will be notified that no physical inventory exists.

Counted Date: Enter the date inventory was counted.

Counted By: Enter the employee code of the person that counted the inventory.

Inventory Locations: Five Inventory Location buttons are available to allow for fast access to actual locations of your inventory. To use this convenient feature highlight the location that needs to be changed and press the appropriate location button for a change. If an invalid location is entered the entry will not update, you must either pick one of the 5 locations under the buttons or you will have to go to the Inventory Form and change the locations so that the one that you are using is valid.

Hint: To change several locations at a time the arrow keys can be used.

Part Number: Number assigned to the part

Description: A brief description of the part

On Hand: Number of parts on hand

Counted: Number of parts that were actually counted

Location: Location of the parts

Result: The message must always say “Update Pending” until processing is complete, if it does not, the counts cannot be processed. An incorrect part number or location may trigger an error in the message field, which will be shown in red. After successful processing, the message will read “Inventory Updated.”

Press Edit to place the cursor in the first count entry field on the list or you can use the mouse and double click. Enter the quantity counted and use the down arrow keys to enter each additional count. You can also use the mouse to select each field that you want to enter counts.

When you are finished entering the physical inventory counts press the Process Button to update actual quantities in inventory. If all counts have been processed the verification screen will appear.

Vehicle Maintenance Software Inventory Update Message

Counts that have been processed will be displayed in green in the message field.

If all of the items have not been updated due to an invalid part number or location the valid counts will be processed and a screen will appear notifying you that not all items have been updated. This will allow you to correct any problems and reprocess the counts.


Physical Inventory Variance Report

Vehicle Maintenance Software Physical Inventory Variance Report

The Physical Inventory Variance Report lists any variances and adjustments that were made during the last Physical Inventory Update.

This report will display the Part Number, Description, Location, Quantity in the system inventory, Quantity Counted, and the Change in Quantity. It will also provide a Total Quantity Change Figure.


Physical Inventory Bar Code Menu

Vehicle Maintenance Software Physical Inventory Bar Code Menu

Physical Inventory Bar Code Menu is a feature that comes with the Optional Bar Code Module, which is available for purchase. This screen allows you to complete the steps necessary for bar coding.

Download Scanner Data: After inserting the bar code scanner into the scanner base press this button to download the data.

Import Data for Review: Imports the data to the physical inventory system from the file created in the previous step.

Review and Process Imported Data: This screen is very similar to the Physical Inventory Count Entry screen. The only differences are in the Location and Part Number fields. This is because the inventory actually has to be scanned. If a part error message is received, it is caused by a scanned part that is no longer in inventory or a location that has changed.


Vehicle Maintenance Software Physical Inventory Bar Code Review List


Physical Inventory Bar Code Scanning

The Bar Code Module is an optional module. The portable laser bar code scanner is used to automate the process of updating physical inventory counts. It is used with the Bar Code Module. The physical inventory installation process consists of the following:

Shut down your computer.

Plug the black serial cable into COM port (1 or 2)

Plug the bar code reader power supply into the serial cable and attach to the laser scanner.

COGZ software must also be set up to recognize the COM port you have selected.

Physical Inventory Scanner Setup Information:

Vehicle Maintenance Software Advanced Tab, System Defaults Form


Vehicle Maintenance Software Label Form

The dots per inch for label printing is set up in each individual label form, in the Reports, Labels menu.


PSC Hand-Held Scanner

*COGZ Inventory*



The PSC Scanner is turned on/off using the I/O button.

Your scanner should read: COGZ Inventory.

*Your physical inventory and parts room scanning data are two separate files. You can download each file separately into COGZ.



How to enter physical inventory counts

From the main scanner menu, select F2=COLLECT. Select Physical Inv from the following screen to continue with the physical inventory process:






ITEM                                      LOCATION                           QUANTITY



Press F1 to start collecting physical inventory data. The following steps perform the scanning process.

1. Scan the part number.

2. Scan the location.

3. Enter the count of parts on hand, then press ENTER. (Scanning the third bar code on the inventory tag scans the number 1.)

4. Repeat until finished.

5. Press F4 to end data collection.


Physical Inventory Bar Code Menu

To download the physical inventory data into COGZ: Start COGZ and select the Inventory menu, Physical Inventory menu, and Portable Bar Code option.

Vehicle Maintenance Software Physical Inventory Bar Code Menu

Vehicle Maintenance Software Laser Scanner Port Message

Step 1 - Press the Download Scanner Data button. On the hand-held unit press the options below as they are available on the screen:





The bold selections below show the order in which to select the proper functions to download your data into COGZ (the same selections as above with all of the screen options listed). The screens are in order from left to right:

*COGZ Inventory*              *FILE OPTIONS*                *SEND FILE*

F2=COLLECT                       F2=SEND FILE                    F2=PHYSICAL INV

F3=FILE OPTIONS            F3=ERASE FILE                   F3=TRANSACTIONS

F5=EXIT                                F4=EXIT


When downloading is complete, you will receive the following message:





Step 2 - Press the Import Data for Review button.

This process imports the data into a COGZ list for final review before actually changing your inventory.


Step 3 - Press the Review and Process Imported Data button.

This process will change the inventory to reflect the new counted quantities.


After completing this step, make sure you erase the file in the laser scanner so your next physical inventory does not contain outdated information.