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COGZ Computerized Maintenance Management Note List


Computerized Maintenance Management Note List

The COGZ Computerized Maintenance Management Note List can be used for Corrective Work Orders, PM work orders, and Purchase Orders. The List shows the Note Code and Description for each note and part of the detailed text of the note. From the List you can access the Note Formin order to make any changes or additions.

The purpose of these Computerized Maintenance Management notes is to provide detailed instructions for repetitive types of work. For instance, if you have a certain method of removing and replacing a bearing, this detail would be coded in a note. When you write a work order, explain where to perform the work, simply include this note code and the detailed instructions will automatically be included on the work order. This saves time and insures consistency.

Specify which note should be displayed in what area of COGZ from the System Defaults Form, located under the Setup menu.

Note Form

Computerized Maintenance Management Note Form

Note Code: The code used to access this note.

Description: A short description of this note for reference. This will appear on the Note List along with the note code.

Note: The detailed text of this note. This text will print on the work order, purchase order, or any other function that uses the note.