Work Order Software Information Page

Inventory Reorder Entry

The COGZ Work Order Software Inventory Reorder Entry is used with the Generate Reorder List and Report and is available in the Optional Inventory Enhancement Module. Inventory Reorder Entry allows entry of inventory items that need to be reordered. Running the Work Order Software Inventory Reorder Report and checking the Create PO Reorder File button will automatically enter items below the minimum quantity required by the system. Press the Process button to create new purchase orders for each of the inventory items on the list. Once purchase orders are created for the items purchase order numbers are also displayed on the list. Purchase Orders that have not yet been printed are displayed in red. Purchase Orders that have been printed are displayed in green. Be sure that the Auto number POs box is checked under the PO Setup tab of the System Defaults Form.

CMMS Inventory Reorder Entry

Inventory History List

The Inventory History List in the purchasing section is part of the Optional Purchasing Enhancement Module and is identical to the Inventory History List found in the Inventory section. Please refer to the inventory section for additional information.