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Inventory List

CMMS Inventory List

The COGZ Facility Management Software Inventory List is used to manage your inventory. From the list you can add, edit, delete, or copy items.

Show All: When this box is checked all inventory items are shown. Any items that are marked as inactive are shown in red. When this box is not checked inactive items are removed from the list.

The COGZ Facility Management Software Inventory List has four tabs. In the following section we will discuss each tab and its underlying screens.


Inventory Tab, Inventory List

(See the previous illustration)

The Inventory Tab of the Inventory List displays Part Number, Description of the part, the Vendor of the part, the Location of the part, a Keyword the part can be referred to as in the program, OEM, and the Quantity of the part needed.


Queue Labels

The ability to print inventory labels is available in the Optional Inventory Enhancement Module. The Label button will print a label to be attached to your equipment or inventory for identification purposes. This is a standard 15/16" x 3.5" label and may be purchased from any office supply store.

CMMS Inventory Labels in Print Queue

You may print as many copies of the label as you would like and then send them to the Queue. This will allow you to save the labels that need to be printed until an entire sheet of labels is ready.

To print these labels you must use the Label Report located under the Reports menu. See the Reports section of this manual for further details.


View Button

This function is available in the Optional Inventory Enhancement Module and views the graphics file attached to this part. This button will be dimmed if no picture file is attached to this part.