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Inventory History List

CMMS Inventory History List

The COGZ Work Order Software Inventory History List is part of the Optional Inventory Enhancement Module and allows you to view your inventory history. From the Work Order Software inventory history list you can add, edit, or delete history. Access to the form is normally given to the system administrator.

Inventory History Form

CMMS Inventory History Form

Part Number: Part number for this activity.

Equipment Number: If this part was an equipment part issue, enter the equipment number of this activity.

Component: If this part was an equipment part issue, this field would be available to enter component information.

Activity: This part change due to an issue, count during a physical inventory, or it was received.

PO Number: If this was a purchase order receipt, enter the purchase order number for this activity.

Receiver No: Sequential number generated when parts are received through purchasing.

Date: Date of this activity.

Vendor: The code number of the vendor.

Cost: Cost of the part at the time of activity.

Tax: Tax charged on the sale of the part.

Quantity: The quantity column may indicate a positive or a negative number. A positive number indicates that on the given date the inventory was adjusted up for the quantity given (more parts put into stock) and a negative number indicates that the quantity of parts given were removed (less parts in stock) from inventory.

Requested By: The initials of the person who requested a part to be purchased.

WO Number: Enter the work order number if this part was issued due to a work order.

Location: Location where this part change was made.

Account: The account number to which this part was issued.

Employee: The code of the employee that received or issued this part.