CMMS  Information Page


This online manual is not for the current shipping COGZ CMMS Version. The link to the current version is located in the COGZ CMMS Help Menu


COGZ  CMMS takes full advantage of your personal computer hardware. You will see the many benefits of this with features including pop-up windows and scrolling lists that allow you to easily search for, add, or edit information. We are confident that you will find COGZ as easy to use as it is powerful. It was designed to put the power of the computer into the hands of all members of the maintenance department. By empowering the entire department, the greatest benefits and savings can be realized.

We know that you are anxious to get started. However, we recommend that you read the following overview sections before you begin to navigate through COGZ.

Using this Manual

The Getting Started section and the What To Do First section provide information on installation and familiarize you with the basic operations of COGZ. The Detailed Program Sections provide detailed information and instruction on each function. Reports are listed in the report section. The detailed sections will be referred too most often once your system is up and running. The Appendix provides reference and trouble-shooting information.