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COGZ CMMS Online Web Help Map - Version 4.50

The links below provide direct access to the help pages contained in the COGZ CMMS Online Help System for COGZ CMMS Version 4.50. The help system can also be searched by pressing the "Show" button in the top left corner after opening any of the pages below.

Account List

Account Report

Adding a Preventive Maintenance Work Order

Adding a Scheduled Work Order

Adjust Inventory Menu

ASCII Order Chart

At the Controls: Using COGZ's Tools

Backup and Restore Utility

Change PM Assigned To Form

Close Completed Work Orders

Close Completed Work Orders - Quick Close

Computer System Requirements

Copy Equipment Form

Copying PM Tasks from Another Piece of Equipment

Cost Accounting Reports

Cost Center List

Cost Center Report

Cost Tracking

Creating a Work Order from a Work Order Request

Creating Equipment PM Tasks

Creating Equipment PM Tasks Manually

Creating PM Tasks Using the PM Wizard

Data Collection Forms

Decimal Hour Time Chart

Department List

Department Report

Downtime List

Employee/Assigned To List

Employee/Assigned To Reports

Entering Information

Equipment List

Equipment List Wide

Equipment Reports

Export Data

File Name and Description Chart

General Note List

General Note Report

Generate PM Work Orders

Generate PM Work Orders Daily

Generate Reorder List and Report

Glossary of Terms

Import Data



Inventory Committed to Work Orders

Inventory Form

Inventory History List

Inventory List


Inventory List Wide

Inventory Reorder Entry

Inventory Reports

Label Report

Location List

Location Report

Log Completed Work Form


Note List

Note Report

Numbering and Coding Information

Physical Inventory Menu

PM Standard Task Library List

PM Task Library Report

PM Wizard

Preventive Maintenance Overview

Preventive Maintenance Reports

Printer Setup Dialog

Priority List


Purchase Order List

Purchase Order List Wide

Purchasing Reports

Receive Purchase Orders


Report Output Select

Report Writer Reports

Requester List

Reset Windows

Section List

Skill List

Skill Report

Status List

System Defaults Form

System Errors

System Maintenance

System Security

User Preferences Form

Vendor List

Vendor Report

Work Order History List

Work Order List

Work Order List Wide

Work Order Reminder

Work Order Reports

Work Order Request Application

Work Order Request Module

Workstation Bar Code System