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Generate PM Work Orders

CMMS Generate Preventive Maintenance Work Orders

The COGZ Predictive Maintenance Generate PM Work Orders, is the process that actually creates PM work orders. The process searches the Predictive Maintenance Equipment/PM database and creates PMs for any equipment PM tasks that are due according to miles, hours, or last date done. This process will also commit any parts necessary to complete the PM tasks in the inventory database. A full description of how to setup PM tasks is in the Equipment section of this manual. PM's that have not been completed before this process is started will be rescheduled. Therefore, all of your completed PM work orders from the previous PM cycle should be entered before proceeding with a new cycle. New work orders will be created with any new tasks added to the old uncompleted tasks and new work order numbers will be assigned. In the System Defaults Form there is an option so you can choose to replace all existing PM Work Orders with new work orders or create additional PM Work Orders for any new tasks that are due.

When you have a new program and have entered all of the data, etc. there is no last date done listed when you generate PMs for the first time. You can go through and add the last date done to the individual items, but this would be a tedious task. We recommend generating PMs. Since there is no end date, COGZ will print them all. Once you have these, close out the ones that were done previously (COGZ will prompt you that the date entered is old, but that is okay). This will add the last date done as well as establish the history in your system.

In a multi-user system all other users must be logged off the system before starting a New Work Order Cycle.


General Tab, Generate PM Work Orders

(See the previous illustration)

Last date PM work orders were generated: The computer will automatically generate this information for your reference. The only exception to this is if the range selection is enabled, the date will not be automatically updated.

PM work orders will be generated up to and including this date: This is the date to which you want to schedule. It is a future date and is normally a 7-day interval from your previous work order cycle. This interval is setup in the System Defaults Form. However, you can override the date that is generated on this screen.

At the end of the Generate PM Cycle you will be asked if you want to print Work orders now. If you decide to print the work orders later they can be printed from the Work Order Section of the Report Menu.

The above is the recommended default configuration for generation of Preventative Maintenance Work Orders. Below are some options you may choose to better fit your specific needs.

Advanced Tab, Generate PM Work Orders

The Advanced Tab can be disabled from the Generate PM Work Orders view by checking the Disable PM Generation Advanced Tab option in the Work Order section of the System Defaults Form.

CMMS Advanced Tab, Generate Preventive Maintenance Work Orders

Enable PM Range Selection: Limits the range of PMs by Equipment No., Department, Location, and Line. When using this function the last date PM Work Orders were generated will not be updated. This will allow you to enter new equipment and generate work orders for just those pieces of equipment without incrementing the date.

Allow Schedule Ahead PM Duplicates: Allows you to generate PM work orders and recreate open PM's, creating duplicates. This feature will recreate all work orders that are due for the date generated, even if there are already existing work orders open, creating duplicates. The system will not allow you to check the Delete Open PM's and Recreate All PM WO's with this function. If open work orders are deleted no duplicates can be created. This feature is usually used when companies have contractors that they need to send the PMs to ahead of time.

Delete Open PMs and Recreate ALL PM WOs: Deletes all of the existing PMs and Recreates all current Preventative Maintenance Work Orders. If you do not choose this option the PM Work Orders will remain unchanged. If you exceed 4 times and still do not recreate all PMs you will be prompted by the system with this warning message.

CMMS Preventive Maintenance Generation Warning

Long Date Format: If you are having problems with PM generation you may want to change your long date format. This will change the date displayed on your screen to four characters instead of two and may help you to determine what you are doing incorrectly.

Go to My Computer, select the Control Panel, select Regional and Language Options. There will be a series of tabs at the top of the screen. Choose the Regional Options tab. Make sure that your Long Date Format is displayed as dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy or as shown highlighted below.

CMMS Regional and Laguage Options