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Export Data

The COGZ Computerized Maintenance Management Export Data function allows you to export data from your COGZ system into another location. The Computerized Maintenance Management data must be exported to a comma delimited ASCII file before importing it into another type of location.  Data can be exported from Equipment, Inventory, Locations, PM Standard Procedures, and Vendors. The examples shown are exporting to Excel.  You may be able to export to Access, but it is not recommended.

Export Information

Another option for exporting data is using the Xplore function contained in any list in COGZ. Select the desired list, right click the mouse in the data and select the output menu option.

CMMS Export Information

Export Data Options

Using this function, you can export data from several areas of your COGZ system to a comma delimited file. You can also export data directly from any list in the program.

Export Options

CMMS Export Options

File to export to: Enter the file to which you would like to export COGZ data. If you know the name of the file you would like to export to, type it into the field. If you do not know the exact name, click on the ellipsis button to select from a list of available files.

CMMS Export File Selection

Comma Delimited ASCII: The file you wish to export to must be a comma delimited ASCII file. Any file with the extension .CSV is admissible. Once in this form you may be able to import the records into another type of file.

Enclose fields in double quotation marks: Check this box to enclose fields in double quotation marks

Insert Header Record with field names: Check this box to insert a header record with field names.

Convert ANSI to OEM: Check this box to convert from ANSI format to OEM format.

Date Format: Select the date format to be used on this file.


Select Fields to Export

CMMS Export Field Selection

Tagging: Choose to tag all of the files listed for export. You may also tag and untag each of the files individually.

Save: Saves the fields under a standard description for later use.

Retrieve: Select files, which have been previously saved and bring them up on the screen to be exported.